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Valve Lockouts

Electrical & Switch Lockout Devices
Product Options
ImageItemTypeLengthHeightWidthDiameterMaterialLegendMax. Valve Handle ThicknessValve Handle Dia.Locking HolesMax. Shackle Dia.Temp. RangeUse WithStandardsMax. Number of PadlocksSizeFits Handle SizePadlock Shackle Max. Dia.Mfr.#ZoroItem#Ships fromPriceQty.
Lockout Valve Base--6"3"2.2"Steel/Nylon-0.6"1"23/8"-Valves-----50924G4954747
Valve LockoutUniversal-3"-2-3/4"Polypropylene-------OSHA 1910 147----113231G3006945
Adjustable Ball Valve LockoutClamp Fit5-3/4"3"4"-Polypropylene--1/2 to 2-1/2"49/32"-Valves Up To 1 1/4"OSHA 1910.147----BS07A-RDG0891423
Gate Valve LockoutExtra Large-14-1/4"14-1/4"3-7/8"PolypropyleneDanger Locked Out Do Not Remove-10 to 13"13/8"-25 to 200 FOS&Y Rising Stem ValveMeets OSHA 1910.152----65564G3183984
Universal Ball Valve LockoutSmall5"1-1/2"5"-Steel-3/4"1"19/32"-Large Levers and T HandlesMeets OSHA 1910.151----51394G2131875
Universal Ball Valve LockoutLarge6"2"7"-Steel-1-1/8"1-3/4"19/32"-Large Levers and T HandlesMeets OSHA 1910.150----51392G1120804
Adjustable Gate Valve LockoutAdjustable2-1/8"7"8"1 to 6-1/2"PolypropyleneDanger Locked Out Do Not Operate-1 to 6-1/2"49/32"-13 to 194 FHandles Up To 6 1/2Meets OSHA 1910.147----64057G1081281
Ball Valve Lockout-----Plastic----------6-1/2" to 10"-SD08G6141624
Gate Valve Lockout-----Polypropylene------20 Degrees to 300 Degrees F-OSHA 1910.1471-1" to 2-1/2"3/8"65590G5271664
Gate Valve Lockout-----Polypropylene------20 Degrees to 300 Degrees F-OSHA 1910.1471-6-1/2" to 10"3/8"65593G5271673
Universal Ball Valve LockoutLarge6"2"7"-Steel-1-1/8"1-3/4"19/32"-Large Levers and T HandlesMeets OSHA 1910.148----51388G3248813
Standard Ball Valve LockoutLarge7-1/2"5"5"-Steel-1-1/4"1-1/4 to 3"89/32"-Valves Up To 3"OSHA 1910.147----65669G3101682
Gate Valve LockoutLarge-11"11"3-1/2"PolypropyleneDanger Locked Out Do Not Remove-6-1/2 to 10"13/8"-25 to 200 FOS&Y Rising Stem ValveMeets OSHA 1910.147----65563G3250502
Valve LockoutUniversal-4-1/2"-4-3/4"Polypropylene-------OSHA 1910 147----113234G2593035
Gate Valve LockoutMedium-7-1/4"7-1/4"2-1/2"PolypropyleneDanger Locked Out Do Not Remove-5 to 6-1/2"13/8"-25 to 200 FOS&Y Rising Stem ValveMeets OSHA 1910.148----65562G2526946
Standard Ball Valve LockoutSmall3-1/2"5"2"-Steel-3/4"1/4 to 3"63/8"-Valves Up To 3"OSHA 1910.147----65692G2528504
Valve LockoutUniversal-3"-2-3/4"Polypropylene-------OSHA 1910 147----113232G0274635
Lockout Valve Base-----Steel/Nylon-1.1"1.6"23/8"-Valves-----50899G4956847
Locking Cylinder Cap-----Steel-------OSHA 1910.147. Meets DOT standards-6-1/2 x 3-1/8" x 11 UN--90496G4959735
Lockout Valve Arm Adaptor-5.5"6.2"2.1"-Steel/Nylon------Valves-----65402G4960907
Universal Ball Valve LockoutSmall5"1-1/2"5"-Steel-3/4"1"19/32"-Large Levers and T HandlesMeets OSHA 1910.149----51390G2871531
Standard Ball Valve LockoutLarge9"3"4"-Steel-1-1/4"1-1/4 to 3"73/8"-Valves Up To 3"OSHA 1910.147----65693G1561183
Valve LockoutUniversal-4-1/2"-4-3/4"Polypropylene-------OSHA 1910 147----113233G2702052
Standard Ball Valve LockoutSmall5"1-1/8"3"-Steel-3/4"1/4 to 1"89/32"-40 to 248 FValves Up To 3"OSHA 1910.147----65666G2609555
Gate Valve LockoutMini-3"3"3/4"PolypropyleneDanger Locked Out Do Not Remove-1 to 2-1/2"13/8"-25 to 200 FOS&Y Rising Stem ValveMeets OSHA 1910.148----65560G0574655
Gate Valve LockoutSmall-5-3/4"5-3/4"1-3/4"PolypropyleneDanger Locked Out Do Not Remove-2-1/2 to 5"13/8"-25 to 200 FOS&Y Rising Stem ValveMeets OSHA 1910.147----65561G1290082

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