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PSC Blower Motors, Direct Drive, 3/4 HP

Direct Drive Blower Motors
Description: Motor Type: Permanent Split Capacitor; Phase: 1; Hz: 60; Item: Direct Drive Blower Motor; HP: 3/4; Enclosure: Open Air-Over; Ambient (C): 40; Thermal Protection: Auto; Service Factor: 1.0
Product Options
ImageLength Less Shaft (In.)Shaft OrientationNEMA/IEC FrameFull Load AmpsMfr. Stock No.MountingEfficiencyHP @ Lower RPMInsulation ClassBody Dia. (In.)Stud Size (In.)Capacitor RequiredStud Pattern (In.)BearingsBolt Circle Dia. (In.)Shaft Length (In.)Resilient Ring Dia. (In.)DutyShaft Dia. (In.)Stud Dia. (In.)Capacitor IncludedRing to Ring Center (In.)Fan Dia. (In.)Lead TypeNumber of SpeedsVoltageNameplate RPMStud LocationRotationRestrictionMfr.#ZoroItem#Ships fromPriceQty.
6-11/16-48YZ4.7-5.3-UniversalHigh-A5-5/8-2MDV7-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/4--3208-2301625-CW/CCW 7E674G1386612
8-13/16All Angle48Z7.0/3.548A17O11019Stud-3/4B5-11/1610/32Included3-5/8Ball5-1/82-1/2-Continuous1/2-Yes--Cord1115/2301725OSECW/CCW 5BE56G1260287
6-7/16-48YZ5.1-5.6-Ring/StudStandard-B5-5/8-G2351474-Sleeve-4--1/2-No6-Quick Reversing3208-2301075-CW/CCW 4M184G1986871
6-11/16-48YZ11.3-UniversalHigh-A5-5/8-2MDV9-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/4--31151625-CW/CCW 7E673G1179805
6-7/16-48YZ11.6-Ring/StudStandard-A5-5/8-2MDV9-Sleeve-4--1/2-No6-Quick Reversing31151075-CW/CCW 7E653G1838042
6-15/16-48YZ4.5-5.1-UniversalHigh-A5-5/8-2MDV7-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/2--4208-2301075-CW/CCW 7E676G2194683
6-11/16-48YZ11.3-UniversalHigh-B5-5/8-G1021693-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/4--31151625-CW/CCW
9-1/16All Angle48Z8.0/4.048A11D11002Base--B5-5/8-Included-Ball-3-Continuous1/2-Yes---1115/2301140-CW/CCW 4YY55G1921123
6-15/16-48YZ4.5-5.1-UniversalHigh-B5-5/8-G2351474-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/2--4208-2301075-CW/CCW 3LU88G3281327
6-15/16-48YZ3.7-UniversalHigh-A5-5/81-1/22MDV9-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/2--32771075-CW/CCW 7E677G1582463
6-15/16-48YZ3.7-UniversalHigh-B5-5/8-G1021693-Sleeve-62-1/4Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/2--32771075-CW/CCW 6GC94G2617903
--48Y8.4/4.2-Stud--B--Included-Ball-3--5/8-Yes-18.3--115/2301100-CCWSE 4HZ71G2014171
6-11/16-48YZ4.7-5.3-UniversalHigh-B5-5/8-G2351474-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/4--3208-2301625-CW/CCW 3LU86G3342613
6-7/16-48YZ5.1-5.6-Ring/StudStandard-A5-5/8-2MDV7-Sleeve-4--1/2-No6-Quick Reversing3208-2301075-CW/CCW 7E654G0386802
8-7/8All Angle48Z7.0/3.548A17O11010Base/Stud--B5-5/810-32Included3-5/8Ball5-1/83-Continuous1/210/32Yes---1115/2301725SECW/CCW 4YU29G2350512
6-15/16-48YZ10.8-UniversalHigh-B5-5/8-G1021693-Sleeve-6-Continuous air-over1/2-No6-1/2--41151075-CW/CCW 3LU87G3381192
6-7/16-48YZ11.6-Ring/StudStandard-B5-5/8-G1021693-Sleeve-4--1/2-No6-Quick Reversing31151075-CW/CCW 4M183G3414214

1: California Proposition 65 This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

2: California Proposition 65 This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

: Ships from Zoro.

: Ships from manufacturer.