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Protective Leg Tips

Furniture Tips and Caps
Product Options
ImageLeg Outside Dia.Cap TypeMaterialColorHeightDia.RestrictionPackage
Mfr.#ZoroItem#Ships fromPriceQty.
1/4"RoundRubberGray13/16"15/64" 10CTB 14GG7523144
3/4"RoundRubberWhite1-7/32"3/4" 25CTB 18WG7526836
1"RoundRubberWhite-- 249755G2854047
3/8"RoundRubberBlack1"23/64" 10CTB 15BG7527615
7/8"RoundRubberWhite-- 249754G2855142
1/2"RoundRubberWhite1-1/16"31/64" 25CTB 16W/WG7528701
3/4"RoundRubberGray1-7/32"3/4" 25CTB 18G/WG7529243
1-1/4"RoundRubberWhite1-11/32"1-16/64" 10CTB 22W/WG7614476
1-1/8"RoundRubberWhite1-15/32"1-1/8" 10CTB 21W/WG7615151
1-1/8"RoundRubberWhite1-15/32"1-1/8" 25CTB 21WG7618055
7/8"RoundRubberBlack1-11/32"55/64" 25CTB 19BG7472087
1"RoundRubberBlack1-15/32"63/64" 25CTB 20BG7472552
1"RoundRubberGray1-15/32"63/64" 10CTB 20G/WG7477617
1-1/8"RoundRubberBlack1-15/32"1-1/8" 25CTB 21BG7478292
1/4"RoundRubberGray13/16"15/64" 10CTB 14G/WG7478353
1/4"RoundRubberWhite13/16"15/64" 10CTB 14WG7582933
3/8"RoundRubberWhite-- 249750G1138952
1/2"RoundRubberGray1-1/16"31/64" 25CTB 16GG7586537
3/4"RoundRubberBlack-- 249760G1126361
5/8"RoundRubberWhite1-1/64"19/32" 25CTB 17W/WG7623332
5/8"RoundRubberWhite1-1/64"19/32" 25CTB 17WG7505111
1-1/4"RoundRubberWhite1-11/32"1-16/64" 25CTB 22WG7505346
3/8"RoundRubberWhite1"23/64" 10CTB 15W/WG7508085
1-1/4"RoundRubberBlack1-11/32"1-16/64" 10CTB 22B/WG7509205
5/8"RoundRubberBlack-- 249759G1155901
1-1/4"RoundRubberBlack1-11/32"1-16/64" 25CTB 22BG7534037
1-1/4"RoundRubberBlack-- 249746G2382825
1-1/8"RoundRubberGray1-15/32"1-1/8" 25CTB 21GG7456513
5/8"RoundRubberGray1-1/64"19/32" 25CTB 17G/WG7563306
1"RoundRubberBlack-- 249762G3393975
3/4"RoundRubberWhite-- 249753G3394982
1-1/8"RoundRubberBlack1-15/32"1-1/8" 10CTB 21B/WG7565975
1/4"RoundRubberGray13/16"13/32" 10LTB 14GG7567917
1/4"RoundRubberBlack13/16"13/32" 10LTB 14BG7568784
3/8"RoundRubberwhite1"23/64" 10CTB 15WG7491723
1/4"RoundRubberBlack13/16"13/32" 10LTB 14B/WG7492301
7/8"RoundRubberGray1-11/32"55/64" 25CTB 19GG7493351
7/8"RoundRubberWhite1-11/32"55/64" 25CTB 19WG7494584
1/2"RoundRubberBlack1-1/16"31/64" 25CTB 16BG7516774
5/8"RoundRubberBlack1-1/64"19/32" 25CTB 17BG7518201
1"RoundRubberBlack1-15/32"63/64" 10CTB 20B/WG7519163
5/8"RoundRubberWhite-- 249752G2980722
1"RoundRubberWhite1-15/32"63/64" 25CTB 20WG7481503
1/2"RoundRubberBlack1-1/16"31/64" 25CTB 16B/WG7485712
3/4"RoundRubberBlack1-7/32"3/4" 25CTB 18B/WG7486132
1/4"RoundRubberGray13/16"13/32" 10LTB 14G/WG7486647
1/2"RoundRubberBlack-- 249758G3072623
7/8"RoundRubberBlack1-11/32"55/64" 25CTB 19B/WG7607171
3/4"RoundRubberGray1-7/32"3/4" 25CTB 18GG7460844
3/8"RoundRubberBlack1"23/64" 10CTB 15B/WG7467354
3/8"RoundRubberGray1"23/64" 10CTB 15GG7469217
1"RoundRubberGray1-15/32"63/64" 25CTB 20GG7469822
1-1/4"RoundRubberWhite-- 249743G2153837
7/8"RoundRubberBlack-- 249761G2871294
1-1/4"RoundRubberGray1-11/32"1-16/64" 25CTB 22GG7575233
1-1/8"RoundRubberWhite-- 249756G2560372
3/8"RoundRubberGray1"23/64" 10CTB 15G/WG7579433
7/8"RoundRubberGray1-11/32"55/64" 25CTB 19G/WG7581402
1/2"RoundRubberWhite-- 249751G2565254
1/2"RoundRubberWhite1-1/16"31/64" 25CTB 16WG7597721
5/8"RoundRubberGray1-1/64"19/32" 25CTB 17GG7597782
1/4"RoundRubberBlack13/16"15/64" 10CTB 14B/WG7598893
1"RoundRubberWhite1-15/32"63/64" 10CTB 20W/WG7599365
1-1/8"RoundRubberGray1-15/32"1-1/8" 10CTB 21G/WG7600223
7/8"RoundRubberWhite1-11/32"55/64" 25CTB 19W/WG7600941
1-1/4"RoundRubberGray1-11/32"1-16/64" 10CTB 22G/WG7553086
5/8"RoundRubberBlack1-1/64"19/32" 25CTB 17B/WG7555545
1/2"RoundRubberGray1-1/16"31/64" 25CTB 16G/WG7560061
3/4"RoundRubberBlack1-7/32"3/4" 25CTB 18BG7560341
3/4"RoundRubberWhite1-7/32"3/4" 25CTB 18W/WG7560533
1/4"RoundRubberWhite13/16"15/64" 10CTB 14W/WG7448892
1/4"RoundRubberWhite13/16"13/32" 10LTB 14WG7547382
1-1/8"RoundRubberBlack-- 249763G0693847
1/4"RoundRubberBlack13/16"15/64" 10CTB 14BG7550173

1: California Proposition 65 This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

2: California Proposition 65 This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

: Ships from Zoro.

: Ships from manufacturer.