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3B Scientific General Parasitology - German 1004142
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50 Microscope Slides. Domestic & tropical parasites of humans & animals. 1(f). Entamoeba histolytica, amebic dysentery, smear or section 2(f). Leishmania donovani, causes Kala-Azar, smear or section 3(f). Trypanosoma gambiense, sleeping disease, blood smear 4(f). Trypanosoma cruzi, Chagas disease, blood smear 5(f). Plasmodium falciparum, human malaria, blood smear W/ ring stages 6(f). Plasmodium berghei, blood smear W/ vegetative forms & schizogony stages 7(g). Plasmodium sp., malaria melanemia in human spleen 8(f). Toxoplasma gondii, causing toxoplasmosis, smear or section of cyst 9(f). Babesia canis, blood smear 10(f). Sarcocystis sp., section of muscle showing the parasites in Miescher’s tubes 11(e). Nosema apis, honey bee dysentery, t.s. of bee intestine 12(d). Monocystis agilis, from earthworm seminal vesicle 13(d). Eimeria stiedae, causes coccidiosis in rabbit liver, t.s. 14(f). Fasciola hepatica, beef liver fluke, w.m. of adult flat mount 15(c). Fasciola, typical t.s. of body in different regions 16(d). Fasciola, ova w.m. 17(h). Fasciola, miracidia w.m. * 18(h). Schistosoma mansoni, bilharziosis, adult male or female w.m. 19(g). Schistosoma, t.s. of snail liver W/ redia & cercaria * 20(e). Schistosoma mansoni, ova in faeces 21(t). Taenia or Moniezia, tapeworm, scolex w.m. 22(f). Taenia pisiformis, dwarf tapeworm, mature proglottids w.m. 23(d). Taenia saginata, tapeworm, proglottids in different stages t.s. 24(d). Taenia saginata, ova in faeces w.m. 25(f). Hymenolepis nana, proglottids w.m. 26(f). Echinococcus granulosus, dog tapeworm, scolices from cyst w.m. 27(f). Echinococcus, cyst wall & scolices t.s.. 28(d). Ascaris lumbricoides, roundworm of human, adult female t.s. in region of gonads 29(d). Ascaris lumbricoides, adult male t.s. in region of gonads 30(d). Ascaris lumbricoides, ova from faeces w.m. 31(f). Enterobius vermicularis (Oxyuris), pin worm, adult specimen w.m. 32(d). Trichinella spiralis, muscle W/ encysted larvae l.s. 33(h). Ancylostoma, hookworm, adult w.m. 34(d). Trichuris trichiura, whip worm, ova w.m. 35(e). Strongyloides, larvae w.m. 36(f). Heterakis spumosa, intestinal parasite of rat, adult 37(g). Ixodes sp., tick, adult w.m. Carrier of relapsing fever & borreliosis 38(d). Dermanyssus gallinae, chicken mite w.m. 39(e). Acarapis woodi, varroa, parasitic mite of honey bee, w.m. 40(e). Sarcoptes scabiei, section of diseased skin W/ parasites 41(e). Stomoxys calcitrans, stable fly, piercing sucking mouth parts w.m.

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