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Insect (Insecta) - French

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3B Scientific #1003868 Specifications

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40 Microscope Slides 1(d). Musca domestica, housefly, leaking-sucking mouth parts w.m. 2(e). Pieris, butterfly, sucking mouth parts w.m. 3(f). Carabus, ground beetle, biting mouth parts (carnivore) w.m. 4(f). Melolontha, cockchafer, chewing mouth parts (herbivore) w.m. 5(e). Pyrrhocoris, bug, piercing sucking mouth parts w.m. 6(d). Bombyx mori, silkworm moth, chewing mouth parts 7(e). Apis mellifica, honey bee, leaking sucking mouth parts of worker w.m. 8(e). Vespa vulgaris, wasp, biting mouth parts of carnivore w.m. 9(f). Periplaneta or Blatta, cockroach, chewing biting mouth parts w.m. 10(e). Culex pipiens, mosquito, piercing sucking mouth parts w.m. 11(b). Melolontha, cockchafer, antenna with sense organs w.m. 12(b). Bombyx mori, silkworm moth, feathered antenna w.m. 13(b). Pieris, butterfly, clubbed antenna w.m. 14(b). Apis mellifica, anterior leg with eye brush w.m. 15(b). Apis mellifica, posterior leg with pollen basket w.m. 16(b). Musca domestica, house fly, leg with pulvilli w.m. 17(c). Apis mellifica, wings w.m. 18(b). Pieris, butterfly, portion of wings with scales w.m. 19(b). Trachea from insect w.m. 20(b). Spiracle from insect w.m. 21(b). Cornea isolated from insect eye w.m. 22(d). Apis mellifica, honey bee, sting and poison sac w.m. 23(e). Apis mellifica, head with compound eyes and brain t.s. 24(d). Bombyx mori, silkworm, t.s. showing silk spinning glands 25(d). Carausius, walking stick, abdomen t.s. 26(e). Melolontha, cockchafer, ovaries of insect, sec. shows developing ova 27(f). Grasshopper, testis t.s. to show spermatogenesis and cell division 28(f). Drosophila, fruit fly, sagittal l.s. for general insect anatomy 29(d). Drosophila, fruit fly, w.m. of adult 30(e). Ctenocephalus canis, dog flea, w.m. of adult 31(d). Caenis, May fly, larva with tracheal gills w.m. 32(f). Pediculus humanus, human louse, adult w.m. 33(d). Thysanoptera, thrips, adult w.m. 34(c). Aphidae, plant lice adults and larvae w.m. 35(f). Cimex lectularius, bed bug, w.m. of adult 36(d). Culex pipiens, mosquito, w.m. of larva 37(d). Culex pipiens, mosquito, w.m. of pupa 38(f). Culex pipiens, mosquito, w.m. of adult female 39(f). Culex pipiens, mosquito, w.m. of adult male 40(d). Chironomus, gnat, w.m. of larva.

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