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Normal Human Histology, Large

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3B Scientific #1004093 Specifications

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50 Microscope Slides. All our histology slides series are standardly coloured W/ AZAN: a multi-coloured staining W/ nuclear red for cell nuclei, connective tissue blue, erythrocytes orange & keratinized tissue red. The microscope slides are delivered on best glasses W/ fine ground edges of the size 26 x 76 mm (1" x 3"). 1(e). Soft palate, human t.s. 2(e). Adipose tissue, human, sec. stained for fat 3(f). White fibrous cartilage, human intervertebral disc, sec. 4(e). Striated (skeletal) muscle, human t.s. 5(e). Spongy (cancellous) bone, human t.s. 6(e). Bone development, vertical l.s. of foetal skull-cap 7(e). Bone development, l.s. of foetal finger 8(e). Joint of human foetus, l.s. 9(e). Tooth, human, t.s. of crown 10(f). Tooth, human, complete l.s. 11(f). Tooth development from human foetus, l.s. 12(e). Aorta, human, t.s. routine stained 13(e). Trachea from human fetus t.s. 14(f). Thymus from human child, t.s. 15(f). Parathyroid gland, human t.s. 16(e). Tonsil, human t.s. 17(e). Parotid gland, human t.s. 18(e). Submaxillary gland, human t.s. 19(e). Stomach, fundic region, human t.s. 20(e). Stomach, cardiac region, human t.s. 21(e). Jejunum, human t.s. 22(f). Small intestine (Duodenum) t.s. colouring of goblet cells, PAS-HE 23(e). Vermiform appendix, human t.s. 24(e). Rectum, human t.s. 25(e). Gall bladder, human t.s. 26(e). Liver of human foetus sec., developing blood cells 27(e). Urethra, human, t.s. 28(e). Seminal vesicle, human t.s. 29(e). Spermatic cord, human t.s. 30(e). Prostate, human, t.s. 31(e). Sperm smear, human 32(f). Corpus luteum in t.s. of human ovary 33(e). Vagina, human t.s. 34(g). Cerebral cortex, human, t.s. silvered (Golgi or Palmgren) 35(g). Cerebral cortex, human, t.s. stained for neuroglial cells after Held 36(g). Cerebellum, human, t.s. silvered (Golgi or Palmgren) 37(f). Thalamus, human, stained after KlŸver - Barrera 38(f). Medulla oblongata, human, t.s. routine stained 39(g). Spinal cord, human, t.s. silvered (Golgi or Palmgren) 40(f). Sympathetic ganglion, human t.s. routine stained 41(e). Peripheral nerve, human t.s. 42(e). Optic nerve, human t.s. 43(e). Cornea from eye, human t.s. 44(e). Eyelid, human, t.s. 45(e). Skin from finger tip, human, vertical l.s. 46(d). Scalp, human, horizontal l.s. shows t.s. of hair follicles, 47(e). Nail development, sagittal l.s. finger tip of human foetus 48(h). Human chromosomes from culture of blood, male 49(i). Human chromosomes from culture of blood, female 50(f). Barr bodies

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