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Plant Cell, Spanish, PK12

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3B Scientific #1003939 Specifications

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12 Microscope Slides: 1(c). Epidermis of Allium (onion), w.m. showing simple plant cells with cell walls, nuclei and cytoplasm 2(d). Root tips of Allium cepa l.s. showing cell division (mitosis) in all stages 3(e). Pollen mother cells of Lilium. Prophase of first maturation division (meiosis) 4(f). Pollen mother cells of Lilium. Metaphase and anaphase of first maturation division 5(c). Wood of Tilia macerated and w.m. 6(d). Fruit of Pyrus (pear) t.s. showing stone cells 7(c). Tuber of Solanum (potato) t.s. shows cork and starch grains 8(d). Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) l.s. of stem showing vascular bundles with sieve tubes, spiral and annular vessels 9(c). Ricinus endosperm t.s. showing aleurone grains 10(d). Anthers of Lilium (lily), t.s. pollen sacs and pollen grains 11(d). Ovary of Lilium (lily), t.s. arrangement of ovules and embryosac 12(e). Spirogyra showing conjugation stages and zygotes.

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