15 lb Shelf Storage Bin, Plastic, 4 1/8 in W, 4 in H, 17 7/8 in L, Green

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Key Features

  • Overall L x W x H 17 7/8 in L x 4 1/8 in W x 4 in H
  • Load Capacity 15 lb
  • Material Plastic
  • Overall Length 17 7/8 in
  • Overall Width 4 1/8 in
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Product Information


Overall L x W x H 17 7/8 in L x 4 1/8 in W x 4 in H
Overall Length 17 7/8 in
Overall Width 4 1/8 in
Overall Height 4 in
Inside Length 16 1/2 in
Inside Height 4 in
Inside Width 3 in
Height 4 in
Overall WxH 4 1/8 in x 4 in
Width 4 1/8 in
Overall LxW 17 7/8 in x 4 1/8 in
Outside Width 4 1/8 in
Outside Length 17 7/8 in
Overall Height Range Shorter than 6 in
Overall Length Range 12 to 18 in
Outside Height 4 in
Length 17 7/8 in
Overall Width Range Narrower than 6 in


The AKRO-MILS - 30128GREEN Shelf Storage Bin is a compact and practical storage solution designed for businesses with limited space. With an overall length of 17 7/8 in, width of 4 1/8 in, and height of 4 in, it provides ample room to store items securely. The inside dimensions are equally generous with a length of 161⁄2 inches, width of three inches and a height of four inches. This bin can be conveniently stacked due to its load capacity being rated at up to15 lb.
Made from durable plastic material, this shelf storage bin is built to withstand the rigors associated with daily use in busy environments. Its green color offers visual appeal while aiding easy identification among other storage solutions. The inclusion of molded-in label area and label holder further enhances organization capabilities by offering simple labeling options for quick retrieval or inventory checks.
This stationary shelf storage bin can also be hung as per need making it versatile and suitable for various types of workspaces. It's compatible specifically with Manufacturer No:40120 which aids seamless integration into existing systems or setups if required. Although not equipped with divider slots nor ESD conductive features, it does offer nesting capabilities that enable efficient use when not filled to capacity or during transport scenarios where saving space becomes critical.
With its volume capacity standing at .11 cu ft., the AKRO-MILS -30128GREEN Shelf Storage Bin proves itself as an adequate choice for businesses needing reliable yet straightforward storage solutions.

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