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Brazing Alloys

The difference between brazing and welding is which material gets heated. In brazing, the seal between two pipes, for example, is created by heating those pipes at the joint, and then touching the brazing alloy (AKA brazing metal which has a lower melting temperature than the metals to be joined) to it to so that it can melt and flow into the area surrounding the joint, thereby create the seal. With brazing, different types of metals can be joined but there are specific brazing alloys which should be used in each of the following applications: to join copper, brass or steel to stainless steel, to join copper or brass to steel, and to join copper or brass to copper or brass. Be sure you are using the right brazing alloy for the types of metal you will be joining. Products vary by application, material and other considerations. If your job will entail welding instead of brazing, be sure to see our selection of solders, welding tips and welding guns.

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1 - 36 of 74 results