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Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Cordless reciprocating saws eliminate cord tripping hazards and the risk of cutting the power cord, while enabling field portability and job site flexibility. The reciprocating, back and forth blade stroke action makes it a versatile electric saw that can cut almost any building material. Models with batteries rated at 18V and higher deliver the cutting speed and power of a corded saw. Reciprocating saws are typically used for demolition, repair and major remodeling projects; also, cutting tree branches. Select the correct reciprocating saw blade for the type of material being cut: fine-tooth blades for metal pipes and nails, coarse blades for wood, composition materials and plastics, and tungsten carbide grit blades for cast iron, fiberglass, ceramic tile, clay pipe, stone brick, plaster, and marble. Some models have variable speed triggers. And don’t forget the safety glasses!

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