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Presidents' Day Savings!

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  • 20% off orders of $150+


Ends February 18, 11:59 PM CST

See Rules & Restrictions

Monumental Presidents' Day Savings!

Save Some Presidents with Our Sale!

Rules & Restrictions

  • Promotional codes cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Promotional discounts cannot be applied to gift certificates.
  • Promo codes cannot be combined with any other Zoro discount or offer.
  • Promo codes cannot be applied to prior purchases.
  • Limit one use of promo code per customer.
  • Maximum savings of $2,000.
  • Promo codes are subject to minimum order amounts, excluding tax and shipping.
  • Promo codes expire at 11:59 p.m. CT (unless otherwise noted).
  • Promo codes may not be transferrable and may only be used by the intended recipient.
  • Promo codes may not be used on some brands, products, and categories.
  • Promo codes are subject to product availability, and quantity limits may apply.

Brand Exclusions

Bosch, Baileigh Industrial, Casablanca, CST/Berger, Defelsko, Dewalt, Dremel, Echo, Eemax, Empire, Enerpac, Engius, Extech, Flir, Fluke, Fluke Calibration, Fluke Biomedical, Fluke Networks, Hart, Honda, Honda Lawn & Garden, Knaack, Leatherman, Makita, Miller Electric, Milwaukee, Oase, Pond Boss Pro, Raytek, Salisbury, Sawstop, Snowex, Thorogood, Thorogood Shoes, Timberland Pro, Warn, Weatherguard, Wolverine, Yellow Jacket