Electrical Supplies

Keep the power on with our assortment of switches, fuses, and contactors.

About Electrical Supplies

Restock your electrical supplies with products from Zoro. We carry an extensive selection of electrical equipment, whether you’re a general contractor, electrician, building manager, or another profession. Shop for power distribution and circuit protection, wire connectors and terminals, electrical boxes and enclosures, generators, wires and cables, extension cords, cable management accessories, wiring devices, and so much more. We offer products from the most trusted brands in the electrical supply industry including Southwire, Champion Power Equipment, Hoffman, Wiegmann, Acme Electric, and many more. Shop for all of the electrical supplies and materials you need at everyday low prices at Zoro.

Electrical Supplies for Your Next Build

At Zoro, we carry all the electrical supplies you need for your next big job. Our extensive selection ensures you can find everything you need to power the jobsite and install electrical systems into your new build from the ground up. Explore our vast range of power management supplies, electrical parts, wiring, electrical boxes, conduit and raceways, data and communication devices, and so much more. We carry all the electrical products you need for both industrial and commercial applications.

Electrical Supplies for Repairs

Equip your toolbox with all the electrical supplies you need to make simple or complex repairs. We offer an extensive selection of switches, cables, fittings, fuses, circuit breakers, wire connectors, and more to ensure that you can install or repair safe, durable, and in-compliance electrical systems.