Zoro.com Gift Certificate

ZORO.com Gift Certificate


Zoro.com Gift Certificates are available in the amounts of $25, $50, and $100. No fees, no expiration dates.

How it works

Fill out the name and email of gift certificate recipients and add to your cart. After you check out, the certificate will be sent to the email provided with your personalized message. To send multiple gift certificates, return to the order page after adding one to your cart.

What can you do with a Zoro Gift Certificate?

More like what can't you do? Give the gift of ...

  • do-it-yourself supplies
  • on-the-job safety stuff
  • get-stuff-done ammo
  • newlywed present-picking
  • home fixer-upper materials
  • small business essentials
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Item ships from Zoro electronically.

Product Description

Perfect for Holidays, Birthdays, Projects, and "Just Because"

Holiday season is tricky, taxing, and time-consuming: let us make it easy for you. Give a Zoro Gift Certificate and let them pick from over 1.2 million products. Need to be extra careful with project budgets? Check. Done. Easy. Get some Zoro Gift Certificates to do the budgeting for you.

Small Business and Project Budgets Made Easy

Never over spend again. Just purchase Zoro Gift Certificates in the amount of your budget and only use the funds available on your certificate.

More Information

All sales are final. For further information, read our Zoro.com Gift Certificate FAQs and Zoro.com Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions.