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Hinges come in many varieties, based upon their function and location. Concealed hinges (along with cabinet catches and latches) work well as a cabinet hinge or as cupboard hinges. For glass doors, a pivot hinge can give wide range of motion in a small space. Other hinge types include a butt hinge (for doors and woodworking), continuous hinge (which you’ll often see on pianos), spring loaded hinges (also called “self-closing hinges”) offer added security, and box hinges. Heavy duty hinges can be used asdoor closers (barn doors, heavy doors, glass doors, and glass shower doors), gates, shutters, windows, sheds, coolers, toy boxes, and many other applications. Shop by material (aluminum, brass, plastic hinges, or stainless steel hinges), range of motion (degrees), holes per leaf, and hardware (included or not included). Additional options for hinges include hinges with: removable pins, locks, stops, bearings, with holes or without holes, locking mechanisms, springs, unequal leaves, set screws, dampers, handles, and kickplates (for the door itself).

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