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Mfr # 3452DPK48
Key Features:
Length: 48 in
Color: Dark Bronze
Flange Finish: Anodized
Mfr # 3500-E2805ABCP
Key Features:
Mounting Hole Center to Center: Single Hole
Number of Holes: 1
Mounting Type: Deck
Mfr # MD-44N
Key Features:
Item: Steam Trap
(F)NPT Connections: 1/2 in
Max. Operating PSI: 600 psi
Mfr # 8290A016
Key Features:
Pipe Size: 1 1/4"
Operator Size: 63 mm
Center Line Pipe Center Size: 8 1/32"
Mfr # 28792
Key Features:
Drive Size: 1/4 in
Overall Length: 6 1/4 in
Bit Style: Slotted, Phillips, TORX, Square, Terminal Xeno
Mfr # 5VLL5
Key Features:
Item: Air Cylinder
Cylinder Action: Double Acting
Bore Dia.: 4 in
Mfr # E3640
Key Features:
Wire Size: 16 AWG
Number of Conductors: 6
Length: 25 ft
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Mfr # 742
Key Features:
Promotion Restriction: Not eligible for promotion
Portable Tool Box Product Grouping: Portable Tool Boxes
Item: Tool Box
Mfr # 16TA30026
Key Features:
Item: Forklift Seat Belt
Features: Retractable with 2 in Wide Belt Material for 19ND80
Mfr # 1375B3X3/8-100
Key Features:
Item: Edge Trim
Material: PVC, Aluminum
Overall Height: 0.631 in
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Mfr # PD502580
Key Features:
Item: Wheel Motor C125
For Use With Mfr. Model Number: 12CI400A, 12CI400A-L, 12CI400A-LI, 12CI400A-S, 12CI400A-SI, 12HI400A, 12HI400A-S, C125A, H125A
Fits Brand: Follett Ice
Mfr # 8290A386
Key Features:
Pipe Size: 1"
Operator Size: 50 mm
Center Line Pipe Center Size: 5 3/4"
Mfr # 4031E
Key Features:
Pipe Size: 1"
Connection Type: FNPT x FNPT
Connection: FNPT
Mfr # 00218OT3E145T-S
Key Features:
Item: General Purpose Motor
Motor Enclosure Design: Open Dripproof
Motor Mounting Type: Rigid Base