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INSIZE Angle Gage

Zoro # G6559170 Mfr # 4806-20

When it comes to accuracy, the InSize 4806-20 Angle Gage will not let you down. This angle gauge is designed with 20 leaves that cover a range of 1 degrees to 45 degrees It has an accuracy of +/-30 minutes. The set includes a sturdy hard shell carrying and storage box for easy transport and protection. The InSize 4806-20 Angle Gage is what you need when it comes to accuracy.

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18 Piece 5-90 Degree X 5 Degree Angle Gage Set ~ Satin chrome finished stainless steel. ~ Each gage has eight gauging surfaces. ~ Quick inspection of angles and I.D. or O.D. chamfers in or out of the machine. ~ Each gage checks primary, 1/2 primary and complementary angles. ~ Supplied with a storage pouch.

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This InSize 4807 Angle Gage Set is an ideal choice for gauging holes, drill bits and wire diameters. It comes with a range of 5 to 90", so you can rely on it for various jobs. This angle gage set is uncoated, so you can use it without worrying about scratches or damage. The leaves are concave and convex radii that are fixed together with a handle. Each leaf measures 5 to 90" in range. The accuracy of this 18-leaf set is +/-10 min., while the maximum measurement is 175 degrees. You will definitely want to get your hands on the InSize 4807 Angle Gage Set if you work with precision tools and equipment frequently.

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INSIZE Drill Angle Gauge

Zoro # G5003267 Mfr # 4842-1

Drill Angle Gauge, Material Steel, Bevel Angle 60 Degrees , 70 Degrees , 90 Degrees , 118 Degrees , 125 Degrees , 135 Degrees , 150 Degrees , 160 Degrees , Operation Type Mechanical, Ruler Length 3.15 mm, Actuation Type Manual, Overall Length 80 mm

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Manual-Reading Protractor, Manual-Reading Protractor, Range 0 Degrees to 180 Degrees , Graduations 1 Degrees , Accuracy +/-0.5 Degrees , Material Steel, Blade Length 6 in, Operation Type Mechanical, Blade Thickness 0.125 in, Finish Satin Chrome, Head Length 3 in, Head Shape Rectangular, Magnetic Head No, Repeatability 1/2 Degrees

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The Klein Tools Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles, check relative angles, or can be used as a digital level. The strong magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces such as conduit. Along with dual measurement ranges of 0 to 90-Degree and 0 to 180-Degree, this tool has a high visibility reverse contrast display for easy viewing. This Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles, check relative angles, or can be used as a digital level. High visibility reverse contrast display improves visibility in dimly lit work environments. Strong magnetic base to attaches to conduit, pipes, saw blades, vents, ducts, and other ferromagnetic surfaces. V-groove edges enable optimal alignment on conduits and pipes for bending and alignment. 0 to 90-Degree and 0 to 180-Degree measurement ranges facilitate multiple and diverse applications. 0 to 180-Degree range is useful when accounting for kickback in pipe bending applications when bending to 90-Degree or more. Display auto-rotates when upside-down for easy viewing. Water and dust resistant with rating of IP42. Soft carrying case and two AAA batteries included.

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Reduced Shank Drill Bit, Drill Bit Size 63/64 in, 118 Degrees Drill Bit Point Angle, Material - Machining High Speed Steel, Finish - Machining Black Oxide

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HHIP IP54 +/-180 Degree Digital Angle Gage

Zoro # G2454884 Mfr # 4901-0013

When it comes to precision work, the HHIP 4901-0013 Ip54 +/-180 Degree Digital Angle Gage is the tool you need. This digital angle gage has a compact and lightweight design for easy handling. It provides accurate readings with an IP54 +/-180 degree digital angle gage. The base of this device has a disk magnet that allows you to attach it to ferrous surfaces for hands free use. The HHIP 4901-0013 Ip54 +/-180 Degree Digital Angle Gage is the ideal solution for your precision needs.

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When you need to measure angles, the Johnson 1886-0000 Digital Angle Finder is the perfect tool. It features two buttons and an LCD display for absolute and relative measurements. You can use this digital angle finder to measure angles from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. Its magnetic base allows you to secure it to any metal surface for stability when measuring angles. The battery is included with purchase of the product, so you don't have to worry about making a separate purchase before using it. The Johnson Digital Angle Finder has everything you need in a measuring device.

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HHIP 10 Piece 1-30 Degree Angle Block Set

Zoro # G2496787 Mfr # 3402-0015

10 Piece 1-30 Degree Angle Block Set ~ Allows for simple, quick angle set ups. ~ Manufactured of hardened tool steel that has been stabilized and ground. ~ Accuracy is +.0001 per inch. ~ Supplied in a fitted case. ~ Set includes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30° blocks. ~ Blocks are 3" long and 1/4" thick.

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