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BIRD-X Visual Bird Repellers,Scare Eyes, Yellow

Zoro # G4333052 Mfr # YELLOW SCARE EYES

Visual Bird Repellers, Used For Bird Control, Weight 1 lb, Overall Length 18 in, Overall Width 18 in, Overall Height 18 in, Yellow, Coverage 4500 sq ft, Material Polypropylene, For Use On Pigeons and Small Birds, Application Method Use (4) to (8) Balloons Per Acre

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Visual Bird Repellers, Used For Bird Control, Weight 2 lb, Overall Length 7 in, Overall Width 7 in, Overall Height 16 in, Multicolor, Coverage 6, 000 sq ft, Material Plastic, For Use On Patios, Decks, Pools, Ponds, Gardens, Trees, Fences, Ledges, Chimneys, Small Pest Birds, Pigeons, Gulls, Application Method Place On Flat Surface, Bottom Has A Plug That Can Be Removed to Fill with Sand to Weigh Down Base of Decoy

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BIRD-X Visual Bird Repellers, Irri-Tape

Zoro # G3209613 Mfr # TAPE-100

Visual Bird Repellers, Used For Bird Control, Weight 1 lb, Overall Length 100 ft, Overall Width 2 in, Coverage -, Material Polyester Film, Application Method Hangs

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Kage-All® Bird Traps humanely capture pest birds such as sparrows and pigeons for later release or relocation without causing harm to the bird. Kage-All® Bird Traps are simple and easy to use and can be used indoors or outdoors.Kage-All® traps are made of galvanized wire, powder-coated, rust-resistant steel and heavy-gauge construction for years of use. The discreet forest green color reduces reflections and light flashes while blending into the environment.Simply prepare your trapping site by putting bait where the trap will be placed a few days prior to placing the trap. When you are ready to catch the birds, place a small amount of bait leading to the entry and a large amount of the bait inside the trap. Our cage trap is equipped with an easy release door to remove trapped birds. You may need to adjust the size of the opening by bending the wire at the end of the entrances, depending on the sizes of the sparrows or pigeons you are trapping. Remember all birds need water near their food so be sure to place a small bowl/pan of clean water near the baiting site.Animal Traps, Used For Pigeons, Overall Length 36 1/4 in, Overall Width 18 1/4 in, Overall Height 8 1/4 in, Natural, Material 16 Gauge Wire, For Use On Pest Birds

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Bird Repellent Coils, Used For Bird Control, Weight 1.85 lb, Form Coil, Overall Length 25 ft, Overall Width 4 in, Overall Height 4 in, Natural, Coverage 25 ft, Material Stainless Steel, For Use On Pigeons and Other Large Birds, Application Method Clips are Glued or Screwed to any Surface, Includes (2) End Posts, (23) Clips, (27) Self-Tapping Screws, 25 ft Coil

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Animal Traps, Used For Sparrows, Overall Length 17 1/4 in, Overall Width 12 1/4 in, Overall Height 6 1/4 in, Natural, Material 16 Gauge Wire, For Use On (20) Sparrows

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BIRD-X Bird Repellent, Bird Stop

Zoro # G3608211 Mfr # BS-GAL

Bird Repellent, Used For Geese, Ducks, Pigeons, Crows, Starlings, Grackles, Other pest birds, Weight 1 gal, Form Liquid, Coverage 1500 sq ft to 1 Acre, Material Methyl Anthranilite 26.4 Percent, For Use On Crops, Farmland, Fields, Roof, Structures, Application Method Apply as Needed. Dilute 1:1 with Water and Spray on Structures. Dilute 30:1 to Prevent Geese from Feeding on Turf. Also for Use on Fruits and Vegetables (except Wine Grapes) Dilute 99:1 with Water and Spray, Standards EPA

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Mega Pro Response Bag, Height 9 in, Width 15 1/2 in, Length 20 in, Material Nylon, Navy, Closure Type Zipper, Features (3) Adjustable Compartments, (2) End Pockets, Adjustable/Removable Sling Strap, Reflective Trim

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BIRD-X Coyote, 2-D,4 lb.,Coraplast

Zoro # G3987277 Mfr # COYOTE

Coyote, 2-D, Used For Goose, Duck and Rodent Control, Overall Length 24 in, Overall Width 1 in, Overall Height 20 in, Material Coraplast, Coverage 1 Acre, For Use On Small Animals, Application Method Stake in Grass or Turf Area to Deter Pests, Includes Mounting Stakes, Weight 4 lb

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BIRD-X Fox, 3-D,2 lb.,Poly Rubber

Zoro # G4284813 Mfr # FOX-3D

Fox, 3-D, Used For Goose, Duck and Small Animal Control, Overall Length 30 in, Overall Width 6 1/2 in, Overall Height 18 1/2 in, Material Poly Rubber, Coverage 1 Acre, Application Method Stake in Grass or Turf. Move the Decoy Occasionally for Maximum Control, Weight 2 lb

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