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Econoco Blk/H10

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Wire Grid Panel, Black, 4 ft. x 4 ft., PK3, Package Quantity 3

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Wire Grid Panel, White, 2 ft. x 8 ft., PK3, Package Quantity 3

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Shelf Liner, Overall Width 59 31/32 in, Overall Depth 23 11/32 in, For Shelf Width 60 in, For Shelf Depth 24 in, Material Plastic, Color Clear, Finish Matte, For Use With 1PGF6, 1ZTG7, 2KPL7, 2KPU2, 5GRA6, 5GRA7, 5GRD6, 5GRD7, Package Quantity 4

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Cross Bar, Overall Depth 42 in, Overall Width 3 in, Overall Height 1 1/2 in, Material Steel, Gray, Finish Galvanized, For Use With 10W860, 10W861, 10W862, 10W863, 10W864, 10W865, 10W866, 10W867, 10W868, 10W869, 10W870, 10W871, 10W872, 10W873, 10W874, 46M193, Standards RMI, Includes Hardware, Pallet Rack Construction Teardrop

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Shelving, Register Stand, w/Drawer, 20 In. x 24 In., White

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