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MAGLINE Hand Truck Frame

Zoro # G7346945 Mfr # 302424

Hand Truck Frame, For Use With Grainger Item Number 12H931, 12H932, 12H933, 12H934, 1FC76, 1FC77, 1FC78, 3JJZ9, 3JKA2, 3JKA4, 3JKA6, 3JKA8, 3JKC1, 3JKC3, 3JKD2, 5YN95, 5YN96, 5YN97, 5YN98, 5YP01, 5YP02, 6LGJ8, 8UMK9, 8Z516, 9DRC7, 9DRC9, 9G317, 9JZ69, 9RV36

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Wheel, For Use With Grainger Item Number 34D644, 34D647, 34D648, 34D649, 8AZL5, 9WCX3, Fits Brand Dayton, For Use With Hand Truck

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DAYTON Hand Truck Axle,17-5/8 In x 5/8 In dia

Zoro # G9698001 Mfr # MH6W04601G

Hand Truck Axle, 17-5/8 In. x 5/8 In. dia., For Use With Grainger Item Number 6W046

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MAGLINE Left Hand Wheel Bracket

Zoro # G9460516 Mfr # 210101

Left Hand Wheel Bracket, For Use With Grainger Item Number 5YN95, 5YP02, 1FC78, 5YN96, 5YN97, 1FC76, 5YP01, 1FC77, 3JKD2, 6LGJ8, 3JKA4, 3JKA2, 9JZ69, 3JKA8, 9RV36, 5YN98, 9DRC9, 3JJZ9, 12H934, 3JKA6, 9G317, 8UMK9, 12H931, 12H933, 9DRC7, 12H932, 3JKC1, 8Z516, 3JKC3, For Use With Mfr. Model Number HTK111AA1, HTMK49C1R, HTMK15DC, HTMK15U4, HTMK16JB, HTMK25AB, HTMK36A4, HTMK17U4, HMKF11AA2, 112K11060, 112K1815, HMK116UA4, 115AK11060, HMK311AA1, HTMK1CUA, HMK212AA1, 112AA825, NPA122G2C5C, HMK311AA4,

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Hand Truck Axle Kit, Load Capacity 500 lb, Overall Depth 2 in, Overall Width 2 in, Overall Height 18 in, Color Silver

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Flat-Free Solid Rubber Wheel, 550 lb Load Rating, Ribbed Tread, 6 1/8 in Wheel Dia., 1 7/8 in Wheel Width, For Axle Size 5/8 in, 10x2.5, Standard Tire Rim Type, Offset Hub Position, 2 1/4 in Hub Length, Plastic Hub Material, No Non-Marking

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Hand Truck Wheel 10 In. dia., 1025, Solid Rubber, For Use With Grainger Item Number 5YN95; 5YP02; 1FC78; 5YN96; 5YN97; 1FC76; 5YP01; 1FC77; 3JKD2; 6LGJ8; 3JKA4; 3JKA2; 9JZ69; 3JKA8; 9RV36; 5YN98; 9DRC9; 3JJZ9; 12H934; 3JKA6; 9G317; 8UMK9; 12H931; 12H933; 9DRC7; 12H932; 3JKC1; 8Z516; 3JKC3

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AMERICAN TORCH TIP Cutting Tip,size 2

Zoro # G9684385 Mfr # 144-2

Cutting Tip, Series 144, Tip Size 2, Gas Service Acetylene, Tip Type GPP, Flame Type Medium Preheat, Fuel Pressure 3 psi, Steel Thickness 3/4 in, MAPP Gas Silver Braze No, MAPP Gas Silver Solder No, MAPP Gas Soft Solder No, Oxygen Flow 134 cfh, Oxygen Pressure 40 psi, Propane Gas Silver Braze No, Propane Gas Silver Solder No, Propane Gas Soft Solder No, Silver Solder Tube No, Soft Solder Tube Cap. No, For Use With Airco(R) Products

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RUBBERMAID Axle,34-1/2 In x 5/8 In Dia.

Zoro # G8900726 Mfr # 50564205

Axle, 34-1/2 In. x 5/8 In. dia., For Use With Mfr. Model Number FG564000BLA, Fits Brand Rubbermaid Commercial

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DAYTON Axle 18-3/4 X 5/8 In Dia.

Zoro # G9498711 Mfr # AX-046

Axle 18-3/4 X 5/8 In. Dia., For Use With Grainger Item Number 6W047, 6W048, 6W049, 6W050, 4ZJ34, Fits Brand Dayton

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