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KNIPEX 7-1/4" Grip Pliers, Nickel Plated

Zoro # G0533919 Mfr # 41 04 180

If you are looking for a high-quality tool that will last, the KNIPEX 41 04 180 7-1/4" Grip Pliers is what you need. Made of chrome vanadium electric steel, this locking plier is forged and rolled to ensure its durability. With jaw capacity of 0 in to 2 in., it can grip all types of materials with ease. The jaw length and width are 1 31/64 in. and 1 11/16 in. respectively. This product has a bright zinc plated finish that protects against corrosion and rusting. The KNIPEX Grip Pliers is an efficient tool you will want to use again and again on your next project.

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KNIPEX 10" Grip Pliers, Nickel Plated

Zoro # G0533900 Mfr # 41 04 250

The KNIPEX 41 04 250 10" Grip Pliers are designed to give you a firm grip on whatever you are working with. The double prism jaws open up to 2 1/4 in. and can handle gripping objects between 0 in and 2-1/4 in. This pair of pliers is made of chrome vanadium electric steel, which makes it strong and durable. It has a bright zinc plated finish that helps protect against corrosion. With one hand operation, the jaw release lever makes it easy to use this locking plier. The tool is 10 in long overall, with an jaw length of 1 57/64 in and jaw width of 2 1/4 in respectively. You will love the way this KNIPEX Locking Plier gives you the power to work with whatever comes your way.

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With the KNIPEX 41 24 225 Locking Pliers, you will be able to tackle even the most difficult jobs with ease. The tool is made of chrome vanadium electric steel for superior strength and durability. Made of high-quality chrome vanadium electric steel, this locking plier is designed to last. It has a jaw length of 1 23/64 in., jaw width of 2 11/64 in., and an overall length of 8 55/64 in.. With nickel plating on its polished jaws, this locking plier has superior corrosion resistance. This two-handed plier also features a one-handed jaw release lever for added convenience. The KNIPEX 41 24 225 Locking Pliers are a must have for any professional or DIYer looking to get the job done right.

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Pliers, Locking Pliers, Locking Plier, Curved Jaw, Jaw Capacity 1-3/8 in, Jaw Length 1 7/8 in, Jaw Thickness 1 1/8 in, Jaw Width 1 1/16 in, Overall Length 10 in, Handle Type Plain, Jaw Release Lever 1-Handed, Wire Cutter No, Screw Mechanism Locking Adjusting, Not Tether Capable, Nonsparking No, Material Chrome Vanadium Electric Steel, Finish Zinc Plated, Features Pivoting Jaw, Adjustment Screw and Release Lever

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KNIPEX 12" Grip Pliers, Nickel Plated

Zoro # G0533891 Mfr # 41 04 300

This KNIPEX 41 04 300 12" Grip Pliers is the ideal tool for gripping objects securely. Made of chrome vanadium electric steel, this plier has a forged and rolled steel construction. It features jaws that can open up to 2-1/4 in., with jaw length and width of 2 23/64 in. and 2 39/64 in. respectively. The bright zinc plated finish makes it resistant to corrosion, while the one hand operation allows you to quickly release your grip on objects by pressing down on the lever located on the handle. This grip plier also has an overall length of 12 in., with jaw style being double prism. The KNIPEX Grip Pliers are designed for securing work pieces without marring or damaging them.

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These KNIPEX Universal Grip Pliers are the perfect tool for gripping and holding items in place. Made of forged, rolled steel, the chrome vanadium electric steel pliers offer superior strength and durability. They can hold items from 0 in to 1-5/8 in wide. The jaws have a jaw length of 1 51/64 in. and a jaw width of 2 1/4 in. respectively. You can release the jaws with one hand thanks to their lever design. With a plain handle type, these locking pliers have an overall length of 10". The KNIPEX Locking Plier is a high quality tool that will get your job done well.

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KNIPEX 3 Piece Cobra Pliers Set

Zoro # G0450475 Mfr # 00 20 06 US1

The KNIPEX 00 20 06 US1 3 Piece Cobra Pliers Set is a convenient and affordable tool that you can use for various tasks. This plier set has a self-gripping, thin jaw profile. The overall length ranges from 7 1/4 in to 12 in, so you will have the perfect length for your task. Each of the three pieces included in this set are made of chrome vanadium steel. They come with a red handle and are designed for water pump plier sets. If you want to get the job done right, then the KNIPEX 00 20 06 US1 3 Piece Cobra Pliers Set is an excellent choice.

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KNIPEX 3 Piece Pliers Wrench Set

Zoro # G4784665 Mfr # 00 20 06 US2

Plier Sets, Plier Wrench Sets, Plier Wrench Set, ESD Safe No, Number of Pieces 3, Handle Type Dipped, Material Chrome Vanadium Steel, Spring Return No, Tether Capable, Includes 7 in with 1-3/8 in Grip, 10 in with 1-3/4 in Grip, 12 in with 2-3/8 in Grip Plier Wrenches, Handle Color Red, Features Self-Locking, Standards DIN ISO 5743

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This Irwin Vise-Grip 10WR Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter are ideal for reaching into tight spaces. They are made of alloy steel and have a nickel plated finish. The locking plier has a plain handle, which provides you with firm grip while working. This curved jaw locking plier also features a wire cutter to make your job easier. It is the perfect tool for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts that are hard to reach, thanks to its 1 15/64 in. jaw length and 5/8 in. jaw width. For outstanding performance on the job site, choose this Irwin Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter.

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The KNIPEX 87 01 250 10" Cobra Water Pump Pliers are a must-have for any plier enthusiast. It features a V-jaw design that allows you to hold fasteners firmly and securely. The chrome vanadium electric steel construction means this tongue and groove plier is built to last. It has been polished on the head, while the handless jaw has been plastic coated for added protection against rust and corrosion. This 10 in. long plier also has push button adjustment, which makes it easy to use with one hand or two hands as needed. With a 1 1/8 in. jaw width, the plier jaws have a length of 1 1/4 in.. This KNIPEX Tongue & Groove Pliers is designed to help you complete your next project quickly and efficiently.

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