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Mag 1 Transmission Fluid

We have the mag 1 transmission fluid you need to get the job done right.

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Synthetic Transmission Fluid, Automotive, Size 1 Gal, SAE Grade 50W, Viscosity Index 146, Viscosity 17.5 SUS @ 100 F, Flash Point 221 F, Pour Point -45 F, API GL-4/MT-1, Eaton Roadranger E500TM PS-164 Rev 7, Mack TO-A Plus, International TMS-6816

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Automatic Transmission Fluid, Viscosity Index 158, Viscosity SUS @ 100 Degrees Fahrenheit 283, Flash Point 442 Degrees Fahrenheit, Pour Point -46 Degrees Fahrenheit, Container Size 2.5 Gallons, Tractor Hydraulic

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MOBIL Mobil Delvac Syn ATF, 1 gal

Zoro # G3132692 Mfr # 122062

Transmission Fluid, Synthetic, Container Size 1 Gal, Size/Net Weight 8 Lb, Red, Bottle, Red, Freezing Point -65.2 F, Flash Point 456.8 F, Pour Point -65.2 F, 7.3 Viscosity (SUS @ 100 F), For Use With Transmissions, High Performance Trucks and Buses, Allison TES-295

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Multipurpose Grease, NLGI Grade 2, Base Oil Mineral, Container Size 13.7 oz, NSF Rating Not Rated, Grease Thickener Lithium Complex, Grease Color Blue, Grease Container Cartridge, Min. Operating Temp. 0 Degrees F, Max. Operating Temp. 284 Degrees F, Flash Point 400 Degrees F, Dropping Point 536 Degrees F, Four-Ball Wear 0.50mm, Specific Gravity -, Timken OK Load 40 lb, Standards -, Mobilgrease(R) XHP 222

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SUPERCLEAN 1 gal. Cleaner/Degreaser jug

Zoro # G3755692 Mfr # 101723

Cleaner/Degreaser, Chemicals For Use On Hard Nonporous Surfaces, Jug, 1 gal, Unscented, Cleaner VOC Range Less Than or Equal to 10 Percent / 10g/L, Ready to Use, Recommended Dilution Ready to Use, Cleaner NSF Rating Not Rated, Cleaner Form Liquid, Primary Chemical None, No Series, Cleaner Solvent Base Non-Solvent, VOC Content Less than 4 Percent, UN3266, CORROSIVE LIQUID, BASIC, INORGANIC, N.O.S. (SODIUM HYDROXIDE, SODIUM METASILICATE), 8, PG II, Cleaner/Degreaser

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Engine Oil, Base Oil - Engine and Motor Oils Full Synthetic, Size 1 qt, Container Type - Engine and Motor Oils Bottle, SAE Grade - Engine and Motor Oils 5W-30, ISO Viscosity Grade Not Specified, Series Ultra Platinum(TM), Color Amber/Brown, Pour Point -60 Degrees F, Flash Point 435 Degrees F, Specific Gravity 0.880 at 60 Degrees F, Viscosity @ 40C 47, Viscosity @ 100C Not Specified, For Use With Automotive Engines, Standards ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5

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Hydraulic Oil, ISO Viscosity Grade Not Specified, SAE Grade Not Specified, Base Oil Mineral, Container Size 5 gal, NSF Rating Not Rated, Lubricant Additives Zinc, Viscosity Index 133, Flash Point 224 Degrees C, Pour Point -42 Degrees C, Container Style Pail, Timken OK Load Not Specified, Standards ASTM D-5864 (Pw1), Application Hydraulic Fluids, Four-Ball Wear Not Specified, Specific Gravity 0.8629 at 60 Degrees F

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MAG 1 Lead Substitute, Liquid, Amber, 12 Oz

Zoro # G6076743 Mfr # MAG00162

Lead Substitute, Size 12 oz., Size/Net Weight 12 oz., Amber, Plastic Bottle, Liquid, Flash Point (F) 129 Degrees , 0.82 Specific Gravity, Fuel Additive

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2-Cycle Engine Oil, Base Oil - Engine and Motor Oils Conventional, Size 2.6 oz, Container Type - Engine and Motor Oils Bottle, SAE Grade - Engine and Motor Oils Not Specified, Viscosity Index 114, Color Blue, Temp. Range 0 Degrees to 248 Degrees F, Pour Point -18 Degrees C, Flash Point 248 Degrees F, Specific Gravity 0.8696 at 60 Degrees F, Viscosity @ 40C 51.58, Viscosity @ 100C 7.686, Application Lawn and garden, For Use With Air Cooled 2-Cycle Engines, Standards API TC, JASO FB

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Multipurpose Grease, Size 14 oz, Amber, Tube, 0.9 Specific Gravity, Use in a Wide Variety of Applications That Do Not Require Anti-Wear or Extreme Pressure Agents, Dropping Point 177 Degrees C, Timken OK Load 25 lb

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