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Zoro # G4615527 Mfr # 5679-01

Soil Test Kit, Model EL Garden, pH Range 4.0 to 8.0 pH, Includes (2) Booklets, Instructions, Labware, Laminated Color Charts, Stable Reagents

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Water Quality Testing Kit, Pool Management, Range Acid Demand Calculator, Free and Total Chlorine 0.2 to 3.0 PPM, pH 6.8 to 8.2, Total Alkalinity and Ca Hardness 60 to 400 PPM, Sensitivity 0.1 pH, 0.2 ppm, 60 PPM Alkalinity and Ca Hardness, Test System Colorimetric and Titrimetric, Number of Tests 20 Alkalinity and Ca Hardness, 50 Chlorine

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Water Analysis Kit, Testing Parameter For PH and Chlorine, Function Indicates the Concentration of Available Chlorine for Bacteria Control and Indicates the pH Condition of the Pool Water, Includes Storage Case, Reusable Test Vial, One Bottle Each of Orthotolidine and Phenol Red Test Solution (1oz.)

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LAMOTTE Kit Soil PH Lamotte 3.8-8.4 PH

Zoro # G4714507 Mfr # 5023-01

Individual Soil pH Kit, pH Range 3.8 to 8.4 ph, Includes 5 Indicator solution, Distilled Water, 2 Plastic Spot Plates, Spatula, 4 Color Charts, LaMotte Soil Handbook, Case

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Colorimeter, Chlorine, 0 to 4.0 ppm Range, Accuracy +/-2 Percent Full Scale, Resolution 0.01 ppm, Free Chlorine 0 to 4.0 ppm, Total Chlorine 0 to 4 ppm, Chlorine Resolution 0.01 ppm, Chlorine Accuracy +/-2 Percent of Full Scale, Includes DPD Tablet Reagents for 100 Tests, (6) Sample Vials, Carrying Case

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Reagent Refill, Free Chlorine, Range 0.2 to 3.0 ppm, For Use With 3308-01 Water Quality Testing Kit, Includes DPD#1R Reagents and Consumables as Supplied in the Original Kit 50 tablets

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LAMOTTE Colorimeter Reagent,Liquid

Zoro # G4172135 Mfr # R-3240-LI

Colorimeter Reagent, Liquid, For Use With LaMotte DC1500 Liquid Chlorine Colorimeter

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LAMOTTE Waterproof Turbidity Meter

Zoro # G7646392 Mfr # 1974-T

Waterproof Turbidity Meter, Waterproof Yes, Automatic Temperature Compensation No, Turbidity Range 0 to 2000 NTU, Display LCD, Auto Power Off Yes, Power Source Lithium Rechargeable Batteries, Includes NTRU Standards, (6) Sample Vials, Water Sample Bottle, USB Cable, Wall Adapter, Carrying Case, Manufacturers Warranty Length 2 yr, Range 0 to 2000 NTU, Number of Tests 0

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