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75 lb Hang & Stack Storage Bin, Polypropylene, 16 1/2 in W, 7 in H, 14 3/4 in L, Green

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Key Features

  • Overall L x W x H 14 3/4 in L x 16 1/2 in W x 7 in H
  • Load Capacity 75 lb
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Stackable Yes
  • Overall Length 14 3/4 in
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Product Information


Overall L x W x H 14 3/4 in L x 16 1/2 in W x 7 in H
Overall Length 14 3/4 in
Overall Width 16 1/2 in
Overall Height 7 in
Inside Width 14 3/4 in
Inside Length 14 in
Inside Height 6 3/4 in
Overall WxH 16 1/2 in x 7 in
Height 7 in
Length 14 3/4 in
Width 16 1/2 in
Overall Height Range 4 to 8 in
Overall WxLxH 16 1/2 in x 14 3/4 in x 7 in
Outside Height 7 in
Overall Length Range Longer than 12 in
Outside Width 16 1/2 in
Outside Length 14 3/4 in
Overall Width Range Wider than 12 in


The Quantum Storage Systems - QUS250GN Hang & Stack Storage Bin is a stationary storage solution designed for keeping your workspace organized. With an overall size of 14 3/4 in L x 16 1/2 in W x 7 in H, it offers ample space to store various items. The inside width measures at 14 3/4 inches, the inside height at approximately 6 and three quarter inches, and the interior length extends up to a full fourteen inches. This provides a volume capacity of nearly one cubic foot (0.99 cu ft), making it suitable for housing larger or bulkier items.
This hangable and stackable bin is crafted from durable polypropylene material that can withstand loads up to a maximum of seventy-five pounds. Its green color adds visual appeal while also supporting easy identification among other bins. It comes with three divider slots which offer flexibility in organizing different types of materials separately within the same bin.
The QUS250GN model includes an added feature - a label holder - which aids users in categorizing their goods systematically for quick retrieval when needed. Furthermore, this model has been built to be compatible specifically with Manufacturer No DUS240 units, thus offering seamless integration if you already use these specific systems.
With its ability to hold up to eighty pounds when stacked, this storage bin ensures optimal utilization of vertical space without compromising stability or durability. Whether you need standalone storage or want to create an organized system by stacking multiple units together, the Quantum Storage Systems - QUS250GN Hang & Stack Storage Bin serves as an effective tool for decluttering your workspace efficiently.

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