Save Energy This Summer

7 tips to help you reduce energy use (and energy costs).

The EPA estimates that office buildings waste up to 1/3 of the energy they consume.

Use these 7 strategies to pare your power purge.

EZ-TIP 1: Install motion sensors on your lights

Motion-activated light switches keep lights on for a few minutes (whenever they detect movement). Then they power down when you don’t need them. Sensors can reduce your lighting energy consumption by 20-80%, as well as lowering cooling costs.

EZ-TIP 2: Use power strips

75% of electricity used to power electronics is consumed while they are turned off. Manage usage by connecting devices to power strips and use its on/off switch to cut all power to your appliances.

EZ-TIP 3: Watch your thermostat

Adjusting the office thermostat a few degrees can make a big difference to your energy costs. So try to find a compromise between freezing and sweating. (Or pass around some energy-efficient fans).

EZ-TIP 4: Are portable air conditioners an option?

Instead of using central air conditioning, save money with portable air conditioners or window air conditioner units. This controlled cooling plan will help you avoid wasting energy on empty meeting rooms and unused offices.

EZ-TIP 5: Seal your windows

Cut down on the amount of air that escapes drafty windows — use sealants, caulking, or weather stripping to close cracks.

EZ-TIP 6: Regularly change or clean HVAC filters

Dirty HVAC filters make it harder for equipment to move air, using more energy and resulting in lower indoor air quality.

EZ-TIP 7: Think about tankless water heaters

In offices or locations where you don’t use a lot of hot water, consider tankless water heaters — they are more efficient and to reduce storage costs and waste.

*Bonus EZ-TIP: Harness the Power of the Sun

Power your office with solar panels. You can actually make money on your bills in some places by providing power back to the energy company.