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Tie Wire and Lock Wire

We carry spools of wire than can serve just about any agricultural, construction, mechanical, maintenance project and more. Lock wire is also known as safety wire, and it is meant to fasten tightly around parts such as bolts or hitch pins. This is to keep these small parts secured onto machines from forces like mechanical vibrations that could shake them loose. Our baling wire is constructed from galvanized stainless steel, and is ideal for mending fencing, tying hay bales, and can be used for various farming applications. We also have annealed baling wire selections that are pliable and less likely to break. Our wire supports different working capacities and comes in different lengths that can be cut to a desired length. For additional wiring purposes, our music wire can be used for piano wiring, fishing lure construction, and is useful tool to have around workshops for various soft cutting applications.

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