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Urinal Blocks, Screens & Rim Hangers

Urinal blocks and urinal screens are a type of air freshener or odor absorber/blocker that provides disinfectant and odor combating functions for urinals, specifically. Both blocks and screens have a limited functional life, with screens losing their fragrance and enzymes after about 30 days, and urinal blocks and urinal cakes similarly dissolving over that same approximate time frame. The blocks or cakes are often contained in, and dissolve in, a disposable plastic mesh screen which can be recycled when the block is dissolved. The purpose of the screen is to contain the block as it dissolves to prevent it from clogging the drain as it shrinks. The screens should be changed out on a schedule of approximately every 30 days as the block dissolves. Rim hangers are urinal blocks attached to a hook which hangs over the edge of the urinal or toilet. Items may vary by dimensions, shape, package quantity, fragrance and other considerations. We carry several brands, including top names Tough Guy and Georgia-Pacific.

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109 - 132 of 132 results