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Mfr # 82502-00000
Key Features:
Material: Plastic
Dielectric Protection: Yes
Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2003
Mfr # H-700-RS4
Key Features:
Suspension Adjustment Type: Ratchet
Item: Hard Hat Suspension
Material: HDPE
Mfr # H-700-S6
Key Features:
Material: Textile
Number of Suspension Points: 6
Item: Hard Hat Suspension Strap
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Mfr # H-700-BP
Key Features:
Item: Brow Pad
Material: vinyl
For Use With: H-701P, H-702P, H-703P, H-704P, H-705P, H-706P, H-707P, H-708P, H-709P, H-710P, H-701R, H-702R, H-703R, H-704R, H-705R, H-706R, H-707R, H-708R, H-709R, H-710R, H-701V, H-702V, H-703V, H-704V, H-701R-UV, H-702R-UV, H-703R-UV, H-704R-UV, H-709R-UV, H-701V-U
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Mfr # 3155
Key Features:
Includes: 45 Degrees Beveled Edge
Tether Attachment Type: Clamp
Material: Elastic
Mfr # 14948
Key Features:
Dielectric Protection: No
Color: Silver
Item: Faceshield Adapter
Mfr # 14393
Key Features:
Material: Metal
Dielectric Protection: No
Color: Silver
Mfr # 459458
Key Features:
Material: Neoprene Rubber
For Use With: Hard Caps
Color: Black
Key Features:
Item: Fire Helmet
Suspension: 6 pt Ratchet
Shell Material: Thermoplastic
Mfr # S1020
Key Features:
Item: Safety Visor, Clear, HGBR Sold Separate
Package Quantity: 1
Sold in mult. of 3 for $8.55
Mfr # CAP-06048G
Key Features:
Item: Cap
Autoclavable: No
Color: Translucent
Mfr # 8950
Key Features:
Head Protection Venting: Yes
Head Protection Style: Short Brim Baseball
Item: Bump Cap
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Mfr # 8210PLUS
Key Features:
Color: White
Filter Class: N95
Mask Size: M
Mfr # 6800
Key Features:
Mask Size: M
Includes: 3M Cool Flow Valve makes breathing easier to provide cool, dry comfort
Configured For: Cartridges, Supplied Air System