Medical & Personal Care

Medical supplies & equipment for patient and employee health maintenance.

About Medical & Personal Care

Medical and Personal Care Supplies

The health and well-being of every customer or patient is always a top priority. When your facility has the right supplies and equipment, it's easy to give the best care possible. Whether you're stocking your office with personal care items or furnishing your emergency care unit with cardiac monitors and defibrillators, you can trust us for the right items for your business. Shop for medical supplies including bandages, surgical tapes, stethoscopes, needles, syringes, and sharps containers, as well as medical training and instruction guides. We carry the medical brands you trust including Medi-First, Band-Aid, First-Aid Only, Band-Aid, Medline, Curad, Nexcare, Silipos, Medsource, and many more. We also carry a vast range of personal care products, mortuary and funeral supplies, infant-care items, personal mobility equipment, stretchers and patient transport supplies, and much more.

Personal Care

Zoro carries an extensive range of personal care products for your business, hotel, care facility, school, gym, or hotel. We stock brands your customers know and love including Purell, Crest, Dial, Suave, Secret, Lubriderm, and many more. You can find everything you need to help your guests feel well taken care of and comfortable including oral-care products, hair-care products, face and body washes, feminine care products, deodorants, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, shaving products, personal-care accessories, and more.

Mortuary of Funeral Supplies

If you run a funeral home, having the right supplies on hand can make a difficult time run a little smoother for your customers. Take comfort in knowing that Zoro has many of the supplies you need to take the best care of your customers including urns, mortuary, prep, embalming materials, and other funeral supplies.

Personal Mobility

When you’ve sustained an injury that affects your ability to get around, personal mobility products can give you your independence back. Whether you purchase products for a hospital or own a medical supply store, Zoro has a full range of mobility options. Shop our selection of wheelchairs, walking aids, and accessories.