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We are working hard to improve the Zoro experience and need the support of customers like you to give us feedback. Our research team at Zoro speaks directly with customers to learn about their experiences, so we can make Zoro better for everyone. We do this by reaching out to customers via email and inviting them to participate in research sessions or surveys.

Privacy Policy and Opt-Outs
Please be aware that you can manage and control your email preferences by following the “Unsubscribe” instructions at the bottom of emails you receive from Zoro, or by clicking the “Your Privacy Choices” link found in the footer of www.zoro.com. Please refer to Zoro’s Privacy Policy for more information on how Zoro uses the information you provide to us.

How it works

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#1 Receive an email invitation to participate

You will receive an email from the Zoro Research team (experience-research@zoro.com) inquiring if you are interested in participating in a research session.

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#2 Fill out a questionnaire

In the invitation email, we may include a short questionnaire to fill out if you are interested in participating. You will need to complete the questionnaire for us to determine if you qualify for a research session. If you are selected, we will send you a follow up email with details on next steps. Zoro will determine eligibility for all sessions in its sole discretion and being sent an invitation email and/or the completion of a questionnaire are not guarantees that you will be selected for a particular session.

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#3 Participate in the research session

All research sessions are focused on learning about your online shopping experiences on www.zoro.com and other online shopping sites. You may be asked to participate in one of the following sessions:

  1. Join a researcher on a video call from your computer
  2. Complete tasks and answer questions from your computer or smartphone with no researcher present
  3. Take a survey
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Get Rewarded

On occasion, Zoro may offer individual persons an incentive or reward to participate in a survey or other research session. The reward or incentive, if any, typically will be in the form of a Zoro discount code or Visa electronic gift card. Any such offer is in Zoro’s discretion and is valid only for the individual(s) to whom the offer is communicated directly by Zoro. Reward details will be shared in the invitation email you receive. 

All offers of rewards or incentives are in Zoro’s discretion. No promise or guarantee is made to any individual that any such offer will be extended to such person. All rewards are limited to persons working at for-profit businesses whose companies permit them to receive rewards of this kind. Without limiting the foregoing, persons working in the governmental or non-profit sectors are not eligible to receive rewards. Zoro reserves the right to make a final determination as to whether any particular individual is eligible for participation in a session and/or to receive a reward. 

What will I do in these research sessions?

The research team conducts a variety of research sessions that focus on learning how people shop for products online as well as getting feedback from customers on new ideas for Zoro.com. Our researchers are friendly and create a very casual environment to ensure participation is easy and enjoyable for you. We will also be available to answer any questions before your session.  

You will be asked to participate in one of the following types of research:


Person on conference call

Video call on your computer with a researcher

In moderated sessions, you and the researcher will have a video call on your computer or mobile device. We will use Zoom or Google Meet for the call and will provide simple instructions to get you set up. These sessions typically range from 30 - 60 minutes.

Person typing at computer

Complete activities on your computer

In unmoderated sessions, there is no researcher present. You will be asked to complete online activities regarding online shopping and answer questions, all on your computer. We will provide you with all the necessary information to get you set up to do this. These sessions typically take 15-30 minutes.

Person interacting with smart phone


The research team will send you a survey that you can fill out on any device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of participants are you looking for? 
Individuals over the age of 25 who utilize Zoro.com can participate, subject to potential restrictions or limitations based on the nature of the session and/or potential rewards or incentives.  

Who will qualify
Every research session has different customer qualifications, so we do our best to match customers with the right session but are unable to guarantee participation. Zoro reserves the right to determine eligibility for each session, in its sole and absolute discretion. 

If I am selected for a session, when will I be contacted? 
You will be contacted within 2 weeks and will be given next steps.  

What kind of information will I need to discuss, and will it be kept confidential?  
The focus of the discussion with the researcher will be on your online shopping experience. You will not be asked to discuss any sensitive information about your business. All information is kept confidential and used for research purposes only. View our privacy policy for more details. 

How will my video recording be used, and how long will it be stored?
For some research studies, Zoro would like the option to photograph and/or video tape and/or audio record the research study. The purpose of this is to document the information you provide for research purposes, as well as how you accomplish relevant online shopping tasks and goals. Your consent for this is voluntary. All photographs, video and audio recording will be used for internal Zoro research purposes only, and not for public marketing. All video and/or audio recordings will be stored no longer than 5 years. If you would like Zoro to delete your video and/or audio recordings sooner, email us at experience-research@zoro.com.

Do research sessions accommodate accessibility needs?  
Yes. Zoro’s research team is committed to inclusive participation. If you are willing to share your accessibility needs, we can do our best to make accommodations.   

How do I opt-out of research communications? 
If you do not wish to be contacted for research studies, email experience-research@zoro.com. Alternatively, at the bottom of all our research email communications there is an opt out link.

When are rewards delivered? 
If you were offered a reward to participate in a particular session, and if you complete the session and are otherwise eligible for a reward, the reward typically should be sent within five to ten business days after completing your session. See details and restrictions on reward offers in the Get Rewarded section above. If you have not received a reward after 30 days, contact us at experience-research@zoro.com to inquire about status. 

Whom do I contact with any questions about research? 
Email our research team at experience-research@zoro.com


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