Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Zoro

Creating a Workplace Where Team Members Can Thrive

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion—commonly referred to as DEI—is embedded into the fabric of our values. Our work within the space of DEI begins with one of our Core Values, winning and learning together. Winning and learning together is not only about our goal of building an endless aisle for our customers. It’s also about building a diverse team—rich with intersectional thoughts and backgrounds—in order to reach our goals. At Zoro, we believe that each person not only plays a key role in driving our business’s progress but also in driving our culture.

What DEI Looks Like at Zoro

Zoro’s mission to embed diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices across every aspect of our team members’ experience requires a holistic approach. From hiring practices and educational programming to partnering with organizations that share Zoro’s DEI values, these are some of the ways Zoro implements DEI into our team members' everyday experience.

Driving Inclusion

The Zoro Inclusion Council

The Zoro Inclusion Council works to foster an environment at Zoro where people of all backgrounds and beliefs are represented, and all team members can be confident that their experiences and perspectives are valued. The Council is supported by two executive sponsors and includes ten elected team members that represent all levels, teams, locations, and demographics. 

The Council is integral to the advancement of DEI at Zoro. From thoughtful conversations to unique learning experiences, the Inclusion Council focuses on raising awareness and highlighting diverse perspectives to empower all team members to learn and promote diversity and inclusion through all workplace interactions. Through impactful programming, the Council has become a key piece of Zoro's culture, cultivating a space of belonging at Zoro.

Supporting Our Communities

A pointed focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion not only drives our culture at Zoro, but also drives our support of the communities in which we work and live. Giving back to the community around us allows Zoro to promote advocacy and support those who need representation the most. Check out our Giving Back page to learn more about our community impact.

Learn More about Zoro's Culture

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We are committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment that includes both providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities during the application and hiring process as well as throughout the course of one’s employment. Qualified individuals with a disability and/or disabled veterans have the right to request a reasonable accommodation during our hiring process. Learn more about our candidate accommodations here.