Stay safe with PPE, locks, signs, emergency supplies and more.

About Safety

Keep yourself and all of your employees safe with the right safety equipment and supplies from trusted brands at Zoro. From top-quality personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks and gloves, to locks, signs, and emergency supplies, find all of the safety products and supplies you need to protect your workers from potential hazards on the job.

Premium-quality safety products serve several purposes at the same time. They keep you and your team members safe from potential harms in the workplace, including hazardous situations and materials, chemicals, fire, spills, high temperatures, and even viruses such as COVID-19. Of course, using and providing the proper safety equipment for your team also helps to ensure that your business is fully compliant with all legal safety standards, rules, and regulations.

Shopping Our Safety Equipment

Zoro carries thousands of safety items from reputable suppliers for your convenience, including PPE, facility and worksite safety and security items, signs, and labels. Our selection of PPE includes not just masks, gloves, and helmets, but a full range of necessary protective gear, including safety goggles, face shields, visors, high-visibility clothing, flame-resistant gear, and much more. Our full selection of gloves and related products also includes many items designed to resist common workplace hazards and specifically meant for your exact job and industry.

Beyond PPE, our assortment of safety items includes everything from fire protection and lockout/tagout items to crowd control, gas detectors, noise control products, and signs and labels for marking hazardous work areas, spills, and more. These highly effective products are designed to prevent dangers and hazards from happening before an injury can occur.

Find All You Need at Zoro

No matter what profession or industry you're shopping for, our wide assortment of safety gear makes it easy to maintain a safe workplace for yourself and others while also complying with all regulations relating to your workplace. Plus, when you order from Zoro, we make the shopping experience as fast and seamless as possible with free shipping on orders of $50+, Net 30 payment terms available for qualifying customers, and an unparalleled customer experience.

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