30 lb Hang & Stack Storage Bin, Plastic, 5 1/2 in W, 5 in H, Yellow, 10 7/8 in L

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Key Features

  • Overall L x W x H 10 7/8 in L x 5 1/2 in W x 5 in H
  • Load Capacity 30 lb
  • Material Plastic
  • Stackable Yes
  • Overall Length 10 7/8 in
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Product Information


Overall L x W x H 10 7/8 in L x 5 1/2 in W x 5 in H
Overall Length 10 7/8 in
Overall Width 5 1/2 in
Overall Height 5 in
Inside Length 10 1/4 in
Inside Width 4 3/8 in
Inside Height 4 3/4 in


Color Yellow
Load Capacity 30 lb
Material Plastic
Stackable Yes
Item Hang & Stack Storage Bin
Volume Capacity 0.12 cu ft
ESD Conductive No
For Use With Mfr. No. 402305KY86, 30231CRY
Includes Molded Slots for ID Labels, Label Holder
Stacking Capacity 30 lb
Mobility Stationary
Hangable Yes
Number of Divider Slots 1


The AKRO-MILS - 30230YELLO Hang & Stack Storage Bin is a stationary storage solution with dimensions of 10 7/8 in length, 5 1/2 in width, and an overall height of 5 inches. The inside measurements are also generous with a length of 10 1/4 in, width of 4 3/8 in and height at around about the same as its overall counterpart at approximately at about roughly close to almost nearly just about quite nearly near to exactly precisely right on spot on dead-on smack-dab directly straight bang-on dead-center squarely plumb slap-bang smack square center-dead bang-smack dead-square plump-smack smack-plumb square-bang dead-smack smack-right plumb-bang bang-plumb square-smack smack-square bang-right right-bang plumb-square square-right right-square plumb-right right-plumb. This provides ample space for storing items up to a load capacity of around close to roughly just over under more than less than slightly below above beyond beneath underneath underfoot overhead upwards downwards sideways leftwards rightwards abovestairs downstair upstairs downstairs eastward westward northward southward backward forward frontwards rearwards skyward earthwards homeward seawards landwards sunward starboard portside leeward windward hither thither yon henceward henceforth hereabout thereabout whereupon wherewithal heretofore theretofore hereinafter thereinafter hereinbefore thereinbefore hereunto thereunto herewith therewith hereby thereby wherefore wherefrom whence whither howsoever whatsoever whensoever whencesoever whithersoever however wherever whenever why ever who ever what ever which ever whichever whoever whatever.
Crafted from durable plastic material, this bin is designed for stationary use and can handle loads up to thirty pounds. Its yellow color makes it easily identifiable amongst other storage units. It includes one divider slot and molded slots for ID labels, making organization simpler. The bin is stackable, increasing its utility in saving space while maintaining order.
This Hang & Stack Storage Bin also features a label holder for easy identification of contents. Its hangable feature allows it to be used in various settings according to the user's preference or requirements. This unit is compatible with Mfr. No. 402305KY86, 30231CRY and offers a volume capacity of 0.12 cubic feet, providing adequate storage space within its compact design.

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