Storage Bins, Boxes & Totes

Store items big and small for access when you need them.

About Storage Bins, Boxes & Totes

Could your workspace benefit from a little (or a lot) of organization? Chances are, your answer is an emphatic “yes.” That’s where we come in. At Zoro, we have every type of storage bin you can imagine. Shop our extensive selection of storage boxes in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and heavy-duty materials. Enjoy shopping the most trusted brands in bulk storage including Quantum Storage Solutions and Akro-Mils at everyday low prices.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are available in a seemingly endless variety of styles. At Zoro, our selection runs the gamut to ensure you can find exactly what you’re looking for and never have to compromise. Shop our extensive selection of hanging or stacking bins, shelf bins, corrugated bins, conductive bins, stack and nest bins, small parts organizers, bin dividers, divider bins, and much more. Whether you’re shopping for your automotive garage, manufacturing plant, retail warehouse, fulfillment center, or industrial facility, we have all the storage bins you need for small and big tools, parts, and accessories.

Bulk Storage

Are you shipping or storing large amounts of products? We specialize in bulk storage. Shop our extensive selection of highly durable bulk containers, pallets, pallet covers and cushions for pallet storage, and so much more. These products come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to suit your business’s needs.

Attached-Lid Storage Totes

Durable, secure, and versatile, attached-lid storage boxes may be a great option for your business. Are you tired of looking for the right lid for your storage box? No need here. These totes have interlocking lids on durable hinges that help secure the contents. Many boxes are equipped with eyelets so that you can ""lock"" your box shut with a zip tie. Attached-lid storage totes are durable enough to be stacked, and nest neatly when not in use, plus they can be color-coded for greater efficiency on the floor.