A light metal that is perfect for machinery and electronic applications.

About Aluminum

Aluminum is a versatile and lightweight metal that is used in many different industries. It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, making it an ideal material for a variety of applications. Aluminum raw materials are used to create products ranging from automotive parts to building materials.

Types of Aluminum

Aluminum comes in a variety of forms, such as aluminum sheet, plate, bar, tube, pipe, and wire. Each type of aluminum has its own unique properties and characteristics that make it suitable for specific applications. For example, aluminum sheet is often used in construction due to its light weight and strength while aluminum pipe is commonly found in plumbing systems due to its corrosion resistance.

How Aluminum are Made

Aluminum raw materials are processed into usable forms through various methods including casting, extrusion, rolling or forging. The process begins with the melting of the raw material which then gets shaped into the desired form through molding or pressing. Other processes such as machining may also be necessary depending on the product being created.

Industries that use Aluminum

Aluminum is widely used across many industries including automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, construction and architecture. Professionals working in these industries rely on aluminum for its strength-to-weight ratio and durability when constructing cars or airplanes or creating buildings and other structures.

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