Limit the amount of electric current that is flowing in a circuit.

About Ballasts

Ballasts are electrical components used to regulate and control the flow of electricity in a circuit. Ballasts are often found in outdoor lighting, as they help ensure that the lights operate at a consistent level without overloading the system.

Types of Ballasts

The type of ballast needed for outdoor light applications will vary depending on the type of lighting being used. For example, fluorescent light ballasts are designed to be compatible with fluorescent bulbs, while HID ballasts are designed for use with high-intensity discharge lamps.

How Ballasts Are Made

Ballasts can be made from a variety of materials including copper, steel, aluminum and plastic. The main components that make up a ballast include an inductor, capacitor and resistor which work together to regulate and control the flow of electricity.

Industries That Use Ballasts

Electricians, lighting designers and engineers all commonly use ballasts in their work. Electricians use them to install outdoor lighting systems while engineers design custom solutions for unique applications. Lighting designers often rely on ballasts to create visually stunning displays.

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