Finish Staples, 18 ga, Narrow Crown, 1-1/4 in Leg L, Steel

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Key Features

  • Promotion Restriction Not eligible for promotion
  • Gauge 18
  • Crown Style Narrow
  • Crown Width 1/4 in
  • Material Steel
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Product Information

  • Brand Dewalt
  • MFR # DNS18125-2
  • Zoro # G7137077
  • UPC #
  • Country of Origin China
  • Category Staples


Leg Length 1-1/4 in
Crown Width 1/4 in


Promotion Restriction Not eligible for promotion
Item Finish Staples
Gauge 18
Crown Style Narrow
Material Steel


Product details about the DEWALT - DNS18125-2 Finish Staples.
Finish staples are small, lightweight staples typically used in fine woodwork, upholstery, and light construction projects. They offer a cleaner, less visible fastening option due to their smaller size and narrower width when compared to heavier-duty staples. Commonly made of rust-resistant metals, finish staples provide a strong hold while causing minimal damage to material surfaces. They are often used with a finish stapler, specifically designed for these types of delicate and precise applications.
The DEWALT - DNS18125-2 Finish Staples are designed with a gauge of 18 and feature a leg length of 1-1/4 inches. These dimensions make them suitable for various general fastening tasks that require precision and durability. The staples have a narrow crown style, which is beneficial in applications where minimal visibility of the staple is desired. With a crown width of just 1/4 inch, these staples provide an unobtrusive yet secure hold.
Crafted from steel, these finish staples offer robustness and longevity. Steel as a material is known for its strength and resistance to wear, making it adequate for tasks that demand high performance over time. The use of steel also contributes to the overall reliability of the product by providing consistent driving into different types of materials.
In conclusion, the DEWALT - DNS18125-2 Finish Staples are built to deliver reliable performance across diverse fastening needs. Their size specifications combined with their sturdy steel construction make them an effective choice for businesses seeking versatile fastening solutions.


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