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Many industries and professions trust epoxy resins when high-performance adhesives (gorilla epoxy, epoxy glue, or epoxy adhesive) or resilient sealants (epoxy primer or epoxy coating) are needed. Because of its high heat and chemical resistance, epoxy polymers can be used to coat or bond wood, plastic, countertops and table tops, plastics, tiles, metal, concrete, garage floors, aluminum, granite, glass, and for marble repair, automotive repair, and boat repair.
Epoxy systems can be enhanced by adding varnish, flakes, sand, UV protection, glass beads, chips, fiberglass, silicone, carbon fiber, or hardeners. And you can choose from many types of epoxy (color, size, functional cure, full cure, work life; from clear epoxy resin to 2 part epoxy). Unlike other consumer-grade adhesives, instant adhesives, or glues, epoxy has a high tensile strength and high thermal conductivity to stand up to the toughest jobs and harshest conditions.

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1 - 36 of 243 results