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First Aid Kits

Be prepared for medical emergencies -- keep a supply of first aid products and medical kits around your home, business office, boat, and car. A basic first aid kit can treat minor injuries, cuts, and infections while at work or outside of work while hunting, hiking, backpacking, or playing sports. Include a first aid kit with your car emergency kit, in case of an accident or weather-related mishap.
First aid kit contents may include: bandages, gauze, sutures, a CPR mask, eye wash, epipens, defibrillator, stitches, thermometer, medication, lidocaine, antibiotics, lock, tourniquet, and other supplies, so read each first aid kit list carefully. While you’re shopping safety products, store up other EMT supplies, training instruction guides, wound care and bandages, and non-prescription medication.

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793 - 828 of 1,137 results