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Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers use various water propulsion mechanisms to “sprinkle” water over your lawn or garden. They impact, oscillate, impulse, whirl and travel. But while it sounds like they’re having a grand old time, did you know that each type serves a different purpose? Impulse sprinklers are designed for efficiency and are low to the ground to resist the chances of wind redirecting their spray. Oscillating sprinklers spread the water out in a back and forth fan pattern that covers a rectangular or partially rectangular area. Rotary (or whirl) sprinklers use 2 or 3 arms to shoot the water in a soaking, circular pattern. Traveling sprinklers follow a tailor-made path you lay out for them with the garden hose. The water shuts off automatically when it reaches the end of its guide. And we’ve got them all and more, in brass, metal, plastic and even in cast iron. And be sure to complete your lawn sprinkler system with the right garden hose, sprinkler valves and hose swivels, sprinkler heads and irrigation and sprinkler timers.

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