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Refrigeration Solenoid Valves

Refrigeration solenoid valves are typically used in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems to control refrigerant flow. At the heart of any solenoid valve is an electrically-charged solenoid coil, which generates a magnetic field to open and close the valve. Thermstatic expansion valves also control refrigerant liquid flow, preventing refrigerant floodback into the evaporator. In addition to refrigeration solenoid valves, we have AC and refrigeration accessories, including refrigeration access valves, refrigerant pressure regulators, and refrigeration test equipment. There are other types of solenoid valves as well. An hydraulic solenoid valve is used in oil field applications, and uses oil pressure to push oil cylinder pistons like a plunger to control oil flow. A water solenoid valve controls water flow from the main water supply, and is used in many commercial agricultural irrigation applications.

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1 - 36 of 94 results