8 Uses for Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in the Workplace

Hook-and-loop fasteners, commonly referred to as VELCRO®, a popular brand that makes these fasteners, have many uses in the workplace. But what exactly is the "hook and loop" part that makes these strips, straps, and squares so great? Well, the next time you have a hook-and-loop fastener in hand, you’ll notice that the soft piece has tiny individual loops while the rough side has tiny individual hooks. Or just zoom into the image above to get a good look! Now, let’s see how hook-and-loop fasteners can help your small business secure and organize materials around the workplace and jobsite.

1. Manage Cables

Keep cords neatly bundled with hook-and-loop strips. Shorten long, unwieldy cords by gathering the excess and securing it with a strip. You can also color-code specific wiring on your desktop to keep pathways easily identifiable. Hook-and-loop strips are available in a variety of colors!

2. Organize Tools

Keep tools visible, organized, and within reach with industrial-strength hook-and-loop tape. Simply mount a strip of the hook side to a wall, adhere the loop piece to your tools, and hang away.

3. Mount Signs

Hang signs without creating holes in your wall with the power of hook-and-loop fasteners! Choose adhesive-backed strips or dots and hang everything from caution signs to decor.

4. Secure Equipment on the Go

Industrial-strength hook-and-loop fasteners can help keep gear and equipment secure when you’re on the go. Whether you’re securing equipment in your truck bed or bundling materials together on the jobsite for easier handling, heavy-duty hook-and-loop straps can help.

5. Mount Small Electronics

Mount power strips, tablets, smartphones, and more with hook-and-loop fasteners. Use adhesive-backed strips or dots to keep devices neatly out of sight or to use tablets and phones hands-free.

6. Secure Retail Displays

Create an attractive retail display with the help of hook-and-loop fasteners. Include fixtures, caddies, and signage. Easily switch up your display without damaging your surfaces.

7. Mount Temporary Signage

Need to alert your employees to an issue but don’t want to commit to a nail and hole in your wall? No problem. Use hook-and-loop tape to mount your sign and take it down with no repercussions when it’s no longer needed.

8. Organize Your Inventory

Track and manage your business’s inventory with hook-and-loop labels and tags. Attach them to shelves, bins, and storage containers for quick identification.

Are you inspired to start using hook-and-loop fasteners in your business? We hope so! Check out Zoro.com’s vast selection of hook-and-loop fasteners, including those from VELCRO® Brand today.

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