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Stroboscope and Tachometer Accessories

Stroboscopes and tachometers often work hand in hand as a system that can be customized, enhanced, or maintained with various stroboscope and tachometer accessories. The stroboscope emits quick flashes of light timed with the speed of passing or rotating objects so that a tachometer can count those quickly passing objects. The tandem is typically applied in applications such as stroboscope HVAC fans and other belt-driven machines, as well as in chains, roller bearings, and other fast moving devices. Among the stroboscope and tachometer accessories are specific chargers, carrying cases, and optical sensors, as well as the stroboscope and tachometers themselves, as components of the system. Items vary by compatibilities, accuracy levels, and inclusions, among other considerations.

1 - 36 of 146 Results
1 - 36 of 146 Results