Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds

Stop cracks, leaks, and corrosion with premium sealants and threadlockers.

About Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds

Threadlockers and gasket sealants are used to secure fasteners and create a waterproof seal between two surfaces. These products are designed to keep parts from loosening due to vibration or corrosion, and can provide an additional layer of protection against leaks.

Types of Threadlockers and Gasket Sealants

Threadlockers come in various strengths, ranging from low-strength removable threadlockers that can be easily undone with hand tools, to high-strength permanent threadlockers that require heat for removal. Gasket sealants come in a variety of formulations such as non-hardening liquid sealant, semi-hardening paste sealant, and hardening anaerobic adhesives.

How Threadlockers and Gasket Sealants are Made

Threadlockers are typically made up of cyanoacrylate esters which form a strong bond when exposed to air. Gasket sealants contain polymers like silicone rubber or nitrile rubber which cure into a flexible rubber material when exposed to moisture.

Industries that use Threadlockers and Gasket Sealants

Threadlockers and gasket sealants have many applications across industries such as automotive manufacturing, plumbing, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, marine construction, home repair, etc. Professionals in these fields often rely on threadlocker and gasket seals for their projects.

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