Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits

Secure pins and prevent the loss of fasteners by using wire & rope lanyards.

About Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits

Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits are used to provide secure and reliable connections for a variety of applications. Cable lanyard kits, lanyard cable assemblies, wire lanyards, and wire rope lanyards are all components of Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits that help ensure safe connections in a wide range of environments.

Types of Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits

Wire rope lanyards come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the application. For instance, wire rope lanyards for industrial purposes tend to be much thicker than those used for recreational activities. Additionally, some wire rope lanyards feature specialized designs such as swaged ends or spliced eyes to better meet the needs of specific industries.

How Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits are Made

Wire rope lanyard assembly kits typically include strands of steel wires that have been twisted together in a helical pattern around a core. The combination creates an incredibly strong connection while also allowing it to flex without breaking or becoming damaged over time. Additionally, some kits may also contain components such as ferrules or thimbles which can be added to the ends of the wires for extra protection.

Industries that use Wire Rope Lanyard and Kits

Wire rope lanyards are commonly used in construction, engineering, manufacturing, automotive repair, rigging operations, landscaping projects, sailing ships, amusement parks rides and more. Professionals who use these products rely on them to keep their equipment safely secured while they work.

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