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Floor Scrubbers

Electric floor scrubbers and floor burnishers use rotary brushes, floor machine pads, or cylindrical brushes to make quick work of cleaning, waxing, buffing and even stripping. These floor cleaning machines operate at a lower speed than floor polishers or floor burnishers, so that they do not melt previously applied floor finishes. Some only scrub, while others spray cleaning solution onto the floor from an onboard tank, and then suction it back up into another tank. Select from single disc, double disc, walk behind floor scrubbers, rider floor scrubbers and other models. Floor burnishers rotate their pads at a comparatively high RPM and are used on floors in high traffic areas that have first been sealed with a hard-wearing sealer. Burnishing creates a high gloss finish. And don’t forget to keep your floor scrubber working as smoothly as your floors with our floor scrubber parts.

1 - 36 of 124 Results
1 - 36 of 124 Results