180 Degree Wall Mounted Swing

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Key Features

  • Bracket Material Steel
  • Mounting Hole Center to Center Width 4 in
  • For Use With Mfr. Model Number 81000 OHP, 81000 OLP, 81075 OHP1, 81075 OLP 1, 81100 OHP1, 81100 OLP1, 82000 OLP, 82000 OMP, 82075 OLP1, 82075 OMP1, 82100 OLP1, 82100 OMP 1, 83000 OLP, 83000 OMP, 83050 OLP-HTH, 83050 OLP-RH 1, 83050 OLP1, 83050 OMP1, 83075 OLP95 1, D83000 OLP, D83075 OLP1, D84000 OLP, D84000 OMP, D84035 OLP 1, D84050 OLP1, D84050 OMP, DP5400 OLP, DP5435 OLP1, DP5450 OLP1, DP5600 OHP, DP5600 OLP, DP5605 OLP, DP5635 OHP1, DP5635 OLP1, DP5650 OLP, DP5800 OLP, DP5800 OMP, DP5835 OLP1, DP5835 OMP1, DP7400 OHP, DP7400 OLP, DP7450 OHP, DP7450 OLP, DP7600 OHP, DP7600 OLP, DP7600 OMP, DP7650 OHP-5K 1, DP7650 OHP1, DP7650 OLP1, DP7650 OMP, DP7650 OMP-HTH250 1, DP7800 OLP, DP7800 OMP, DP7850 OLP1, DP7850 OLP121, DP7850 OMP1, F83000 OLP, F83050 OLP1, FD83000 OLP1, FD83075 OLP1, FD84000 OLP, FD84035 OLP, FD84050 OLP1, GC83050 OLP, GCD83075 OLP, LP82000 OLP, LP83000 OLP, LPD84000 OLP, LPD84000 OLS, PAV83050 OLP, PAVD83075 OLP, PW81000 OHP1, PW81100 OHP, TH86000 OMP, TH86050 OMP1, TH88000 OMP 1, TH88050 OMP1, TW84000 OLPT1, TW84100 OLPT1, TW86000 OLPT, TW86050 OLPT, TW86075 OLPT1, WC80001 1, WC80002
  • For Number of Reels 1
  • Mount Hole Diameter 1/2 in
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