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;60 Min, D Stem, Threaded Post Mt, 115V Motor With 2 Leads';For Knob Use A2644, # 22-1255; For 240V See E684, # 42-1381;Southbend Gb-12Cch, Gb-12Pc, Gb-12Rt, Gb-12Sc, Gb-15Cch,;Gb-15Pc, Gb-15Rt, Gb-15Sc, Gb-22Cch, Gb-22Pc, Gb-22Rt,;Gb-22Sc, Gb-25Cch, Gb-25Pc, Gb-25Rt, Gb-25Sc, Gs-12Cch,;Gs-12Pc, Gs-12Rt, Gs-12Sc, Gs-15Cch, Gs-15Pc, Gs-15Rt,;Gs-15Sc, Gs-22Cch, Gs-22Pc, Gs-22Rt, Gs-22Sc, Gs-25Cch,;Gs-25Pc, Gs-25Rt, Gs-25Sc, Slgb-12Sc, Slgb-12Scch,;Slgb-15Sc, Slgb-15Scch, Slgb-22Sc, Slgb-22Scch, Slgb-25Sc,;Slgb-25Scch, Slgs, Slgs-12Sc, Slgs-12Scch, Slgs-15Sc,;Slgs-15Scch, Slgs-22Sc, Slgs-22Scch, Slgs-25Sc, Slgs-25Scch

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