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3-Piece Brake Gauge

Steelman 3-Piece Brake Gauge JSP97840
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  • Country of Origin (subject to change): Taiwan, Province of China
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Steelman #JSP97840 Specifications

  • Country of Origin (subject to change): Taiwan, Province of China


The STEELMAN Brake Gauge was designed for technicians to quickly inspect the brake lining on customer's vehicle to determine how much is left without the guess work. Showing the customer how much brake lining is actually left improves customer confidence and helps eliminate their question of "Did I really need a brake job?" Brake gauge is color coded to show Green (8 millimeter - .3150 inches), Yellow (4 millimeter - .1575 inches) and Red (2 millimeter - .0787 inches), similar to a traffic light green means okay, yellow means get ready to replace in the near future and red means - stop - you have no brake pad left. When the lining is worn out, the backing or rivets will contact the rotors or drums during braking, often causing damage requiring re-machining or replacement of the drums or rotors. An annoying squeal caused by the warning tang is the typical alert that the pads need to be replaced; if the squeal is ignored for too long, drum or rotor damage (usually accompanied by an unpleasant grinding sound or sensation) will be the typical result.

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