Capacitive Sensor

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Key Features

  • Fits Brand Blodgett
  • For Use With Combi Oven
  • For Use With Mfr. Model Number BC-20G, BCM-101E, BCM-101E-PT, BCM-102E, BCM-202E, BCM-61-101E, BCM-61-61E, BCM-61E, BCM-61E-PT, BCM-62-102E, BCM-62-62E, BCM-62E, BCP-101E, BCP-101E-PT, BCP-102E, BCP-202E, BCP-61-101E, BCP-61-61E, BCP-61E, BCP-61E-PT, BCT-101E, BCT-101E-PT, BCT-102E, BCT-202E, BCT-61-101E, BCT-61-61E, BCT-61E, BCT-61E-PT, BCT-62-102E, BCT-62-62E, BCT-62E, BCX-14, BCX-14E, BCX-14G, BLCM-101E, BLCM-101G, BLCM-102E, BLCM-102G, BLCM-202E, BLCM-202G, BLCM-61-101E, BLCM-61-101G, BLCM-61-61E, BLCM-61-61G, BLCM-61E
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