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Digital Calipers

When you need precision measurements on small objects, look no further than electronic digital calipers. A digital vernier caliper works well for measuring internal dimensions, outside dimensions, and depth in woodworking or mechanical projects. Digital micrometers are used by machinists, carpenters, and other professionals for measuring small distances and lengths.

Some digital vernier and electronic calipers come with digital displays for easy reading and connect to computers for data output and analysis. Others feature fractions and long jaws for more accurate measurements and extra battery life for longer use. Search our digital calipers by resolution, SPC output, accuracy, caliper grouping, and unique features. And partner measuring calipers with other caliper tools, including: dial indicators, micrometers, precision measuring accessories, micrometer accessories, and more.

1 - 36 of 494 results
1 - 36 of 494 results